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Present them with a global payroll solution and reap benefits and rewards in return.

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Distribute your referral link so your connections can book a demo with us. We'll demonstrate how Ontop can assist their global growth.

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For each company that uses your referral link to register and process at least $5,000 in payments, they receive a $150 credit with us, and you receive $150 directly into your bank account.

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How our program functions.

Join our referral program.
Spread the word to your network.
Your Referral Books a Demo with Ontop.
The Company Signs Up with Ontop and Processes a Minimum of $5,000 USD.
You Gain $150 & Your Referral Acquires $150 as Credit with Ontop.
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Help companies go global

Fast-track their
global hiring

With Ontop, companies can instantly generate contracts that are compliant with their contractor's local laws.

Stay compliant

Document and government forms are filed automatically. Less risk, less stress, and more time for your business

Automate their

Fund payroll with justone mass payment and let team members with draw earnings using any supported payment method.

Assist Companies in Going Global

Expedite their global contracts

Ontop enables companies to instantly generate contracts that comply with their contractors' local laws.

Simplify their payroll

They can make a mass payment for payroll and allow workers to withdraw earnings via different payment methods.

Ensure compliance globally

Documents and tax forms are automatically filed. Less risk, less stress, and more time to focus on your business.

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