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We are the payroll solution with better built-in financial services, ensuring seamless operations and smooth compliance in more than 150 countries.

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More than 2,000 companies have entrusted their payroll to us.

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Ontop saves you time and money.

Ontop is the payroll solution with built-in financial services for remote teams. With our suite of global financial services customers can save up to USD $52,000 from operational burden.

Onboarding in few clicks

Scale your distributed team quickly and easily with our smart contracts.

Automate payroll

Leave payments up to us and focus on what matter the most for your business.

Full financial control

Help your team achieve financial control with our fintech products.

Stay compliant

We make sure your team follows tax laws so they can work from anywhere.

Competitive Payouts

Pay your team and they will have endless options such as local bank accounts, crypto or third party wallets at incredible rates. Our algoryth identify and show the best option available.

Pay in USD

Pay your team in USD and enable them to hold their dollars without time limits in our Ontop Wallet built in partnership with JP Morgan.

Ontop Card

Spend globally in USD with our Ontop Card (physical and digital) built in partnership with Visa. You team will receive up to 15% in cashback.

Mobile first

Workers can manage their finances from their mobile phone or desktop, they decide.


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We don't need to say anything bad about the competition. But we are the best option to pay in Latam and emerging economies:

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We were overpromised and underdelivered throughout the onboarding process and now even after full implementation.

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Deel is very unprofessional. I've been waiting for days but my money has not reached my account.

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This platform is bad, they don't value the employees.

What companies say about Ontop.

"Ontop helps me focus on acquiring and retaining our talent at Rappi, instead of spending my time doing paperwork and compliance."
Felipe Villamarin, Co-founder Rappi
" Ontop for us has been a strategic ally in our Expansion process. It is an optimal solution, easy to use and that adds a lot of value to companies all over the world. "
Mateo Marulanda, Country Manager
"Payments go through like magic and my contractors are happy because they get all of their money, commission free."
Alejandra Buelvas, Head of Legal - Ayenda
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