Get the most out of your Wallet and Card with our new Freedom Toper Plan

We are improving our services for you! We created the Freedom Toper Plan, a new product that offers premium features of the Ontop wallet and card under a subscription model, specially designed to meet your needs and to give you even more benefits!

Freedom Toper Plan Benefits
Grow your company Infinite Toper Plan for your team

Benefits of the Freedom Toper Plan


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As subscriber to the Freedom Toper Plan, you will have access to:


Bonus for reaching a spending milestone of $2500 USD with your Ontop Visa Card.


Cashbacks of up to $20 USD

All of this for only $5 USD / Month

1. Spending benefits

2% cashback on all purchases, until reaching $100USD  in the monthly spending, then 1% cashback on purchases greater than $100 - Cap: $20

2. Card bonus

$100USD credit on the Ontop Card upon reaching $2500 of cumulative spending with the card, since the start of the subscription. 

Q&A Freedom Toper subscription plan

What is the Freedom Toper subscription plan?
The Freedom Toper Plan is a new plan that we created thinking in adding more value to you as a worker! It is a subscription plan, meaning that for a monthly fee of $5 USD, you will have the possibility of earning more money, if you want.
Is there a minimum time to stay in the plan after earning the benefits, like the bonus for example?
In order to receive the 100 usd bonus, the only condition is to be in an active plan, until you reach $2.500 USD in spending. We are sure that after seeing what you are earning each month,you will want to keep the plan. We will also add amazing perks in the following months!
Shouldn't Ontop be free? Why are you charging me?
Getting your payroll through Ontop is free, we are just launching a premium service with more benefits for you. We want to give you the option to earn more money, and have amazing benefits, while using the product. You have the option to choose if they want to be part of it or if you want to keep using the wallet and card as you have been doing it. Try it, we know you will love it!
If I pay the subscription, can I receive local currency in my wallet?
No, our wallet is in USD. We built it this way, so that you can get your money is USD and save in a strong currency. However, you can always withdraw your money to your local bank account.
How does the  Cashback benefit works?
You will receive a 2% cashback in all the transactions until you reach $100 USD in spending. After reaching $100 USD, the cashback will be 1%. There is a monthly cap of $20 USD.
What does it mean that Ontop is backed by JPM?
JP Morgan is helping us to expand our international footprint and support our Global Wallet strategy. This means that your funds are located in one of the world’s largest most reliable institutions. Also, the account has the individual Federal Deposit Insurance, so the you can feel even more secure.
Am I able to cancel the subscription?
Yes, you can cancel the subscription at any time. Just send us an email to

For further information, please contact your Top Advisor, If you don't know who your top advisor is, please send a email to

Infinite Toper  Subscription Plan