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Stop deeling with payroll compliance, choose to stay Ontop of tax laws and regulations to hire compliantly overseas.

Hire a payroll compliance partner whose ethics aren’t being questioned by the public authorities.

Our Legal team told us we cannot comment on the legitimacy of the claims below, as they are still ongoing. But do you really want to go all in and find yourself paying the price for noncompliance by your payroll compliance provider?

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Comparison: Ontop vs. Deel

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Contractor prices
Starting from $29
Starting from $49
Pricing EOR
Starting from $299
Starting from $599
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SSO/SAML authentication
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Key Factors When Choosing a Multi-Country Payroll Solution.

Compliance: Compliance is indeed a primary concern when dealing with international payroll. Ensure the provider understands local labor laws and regulations in each country where you have workers to avoid legal issues and penalties.

Pricing: Opt for transparent pricing that aligns with your budget to prevent unexpected payroll costs.

Scope of Services: Look for a provider that can manage both full-time employees and contractors, streamlining your international payroll processes.

Employee Benefits with Our Integrated Financial Services
• Gain control and flexibility over compensation.
• Access earnings directly with our card.
• Earn money in USD.
• Enjoy top-tier payment options for an optimal financial experience.

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