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10% cashback on WeWork monthly memberships
15% cashback on any airline or airbnb reservation
10% cashback on streaming platforms
Valid for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney Plus and Spotify
10% cashback for ridesharing companies
Valid for Uber, Didi and Lyft.
10% cashback on food delivery purchases
Valid for Rappi, iFood, Yummy, Pedidos Ya, and UberEats.

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5% cashback
Unlock the opportunity to get up to 5% cashback
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Personal Top Advisor
Get Instant support and never wait on the phone again
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Physical card
Coming soon …
As soon as it’s issued you will  receive our physical card, for FREE.  😱
Ontop card
Contactless Payment
Ontop on the Go
Bring us with you and pay instantly at all of your favorite stores.
Ontop card

We want to make your remote life easier
by bringing you benefits beyond borders! 


“I needed to get my account balance urgently, and my Top Advisor helped me immediately. Everytime I had a question, I was able to reach out to my Top Advisor and get an answer instead of chatting with a bot.”

Carlos Saavedra - Rappi
Infinite Toper Plan

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Questions? We’ve listed the most frequent ones. Check them out!

How to Subscribe? 
When will the charge be made?
- 1st attempt: during the first or third week of the month, depending on your subscription date.

- 2nd attempt: if there were insufficient funds on 1st attempt, the second attempt will be the last business day of the month

We’ll let you know once we charge the fee so that you may be able to use your card and begin to enjoy your cashback benefits.
When will workers receive cashback?
Once a month, once the fee is charged.
Where will worker receive the cashback?
 In their Ontop Visa Card
What if a worker wants to cancel the plan? 
You should send an email to cx@getontop.com before the 25th day of the corresponding month in order to ensure the cancellation of the Wanderlust Membership Service. You can also reach out to your Personal Top Advisor.
For any questions regarding the plan, please send an email to cx@getontop.com