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Get USD $800 in credit to start using our services.
FREE consultancy with our Legal and Taxes team.
The workers you onboard on your first month get USD 50$ on/time bonus on their Ontop Wallet.
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Streamlined payments

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Easy and compliant contracts

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Ontop - Global hiring and payrolling solution

Let's build a better future of work together

Why is remote work good for your business?
It gives you access to a broader and more cost effective pool of global talent, while letting you build products and services that can scale easily to a global audience.
Why is remote work good for society?
From decentralization and cheaper housing to less commuting time and the freedom to work from anywhere, workers can now build the life they dream of, no matter where they are in the world. It´s not just a trend, it´s the future of work.
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Get USD $800 in credit

Apply to our fees or to pay your remote worker. You decide.

Free consultancy with our Legal and Taxes team

We will help you tacking a specific market and understand local regulations in case needed.

Give USD $50 to each worker you onboard

Applies for the workers you onboard during first month.

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