We are improving our services for your workers! 

Based on feedback from our workers, we created the Infinite Toper Plan, a new product that offers premium features of the Ontop Wallet under a subscription model, it’s specially designed to meet their needs and to give them even more benefits!

Infinite Toper Plan Benefits
Grow your company Infinite Toper Plan for your team

Benefits of the Infinite Toper Plan


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As subscribers to the Infinite Toper Plan, your team will have access to:

Tax advice from qualified specialists.

Bonuses for increasing the average balance in their Ontop Global Wallet.

Bonus for reaching a spending milestone of $2500 USD with the Ontop Visa Card.

Cashbacks of up to $50 USD

All of this for only $19 USD / Month

1. Saving benefits:

$10/month for each $1.000 increase in the monthly average of the wallet balance - Cap:$50

2. Spending benefits

3% cashback on all purchases, until reaching $200USD in the monthly spending, then 1% cashback on purchases greater than $200USD

3. Welcome bonus

$100USD credit on the Ontop Card upon reaching $2500 of cumulative spending with the card, since the start of the subscription. 

4. Tax advisor

E-mail and one 30-minute call per month (Normally these consultancies can cost up to $400USD)

To request it, users most contact tax@getontop.com

If you want to see some practical examples of the benefits your workers can get through the Infinite Toper plan, click here

Q&A Infinte Toper subscription plan

What is the Infinte Toper subscription plan?
The Infinite Toper Plan is a new plan created with the purpose of giving more value to your workers, it functions like a subscription model with a monthly fee of $19USD and gives them the possibility to earn more money through the saving and spending benefits when using the wallet and card.
Is there a minimum period of time to remain in the plan after obtaining the benefits, for example the bonus?
In order to receive the $100 USD bonus, the main condition is that the user needs to be active in the plan, until reaching the $2.500USD spend.
If contractors pay their subscription, they could receive payments in their local currency in their wallet?
No, our wallet works with USD. We built it this way so that workers can receive their payroll and save in a strong currency. But there is always the possibility to withdraw the money through a local bank account and in their national currency.
How does the saving benefit work?
By subscribing to Wallet Toper Services, Users will be eligible to receive a bonus for amounts saved within the Ontop Wallet. To determine the Wallet Bonus, Ontop will consider the sum of the daily balance in the worker’s account over the given calendar month divided by the number of days in that month (“Average Daily Balance”). Ontop will credit the User’s Ontop Wallet balance in the amount corresponding to the relevant subscription package for every USD 1,000 increase in Average Daily Balance in the User’s Ontop Wallet, when compared to the previous calendar month. See some examples on how to calculate this benefit here
How does the  Cashback benefit works?
The user will earn $10USD per month for each $1000 USD increase on their Wallet average monthly balance. The cap is $50USD.
For which countries is the tax advisory available?
At the moment, this benefit applies to: United States, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Peru. But we expect to be in many more countries soon.
What does it mean that Ontop is backed by JPM?
JP Morgan is helping us to expand our international footprint and support our Global Wallet strategy. This means that your workers’ funds are located in one of the world’s largest and most reliable institutions. Also, the account has individual Federal Deposit Insurance, so the worker can feel even more secure.
Shouldn't Ontop be free? Why are you charging my workers?
Getting paid through Ontop is free, we are just launching a premium service with the aim of giving your workers more benefits while using their wallet. They have the possibility to choose if they want to be part of it or not. ( they will still be able to use the wallet and the card as usual)
Are workers able to cancel the subscription?
Yes, they are able to cancel the subscription at any time. They need to send an email to cx@getontop.com.

Want to offer these and many more benefits to your workers, so they can take their experience to the next level and get the most out of their Ontop Wallet? 

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Infinite Toper  Subscription Plan