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For Companies


What does “Legally compliant with my freelance” means?

Is the process or procedure to ensure that an organization follows relevant laws, regulations and business rules.

How does ontop help me to stay compliant when working with contractors all over the world?

With ontop you shouldn’t worry about being legally compliant because:

  1. ontop has been building a very complete legal library with worldwide regulations for contractors, that ensures that all contracts are aligned with the regulations of each country. It also instructs the contractors in the payment of taxes and all the law requirements in each country, ensuring that the entire process complies with the law.
  2. We have prebuilt contracts for more than 150 countries, which are designed to meet any legal and tax requirements of each specific country. In any case, you can upload your personalized contract.
  3. ontop asks contractors to upload their documentation as independent contractors according to what their local regulations require. We have a compliance database which is being updated in real time.
  4. We have a Data room for all the contracts managed, preparing you for any further due diligence with no struggle.
  5. ontop makes a background check in any international sanction lists for any freelancer you are about to hire.
  6. ontop has a legal area, providing you with advisory for any specific case. Providing you with any requirement of any country that you are considering.

Does ontop verify my contractor documents?

Yes, ontop verifies all the contractor documents before making an official contract agreement.

How ontop does a background check on my contractors?

We use the OFAC sanctions list, and also we have a partnership with different background check companies such as Truora, working together we make a very complete background check.


Do I need an incorporated company for the country that the freelancer is based?

With ontop you don't need any additional incorporation, you can hire anywhere in the world from the country you are initially based.

Can I use my own contract instead of ontop contract templates?

Yes. Although we provide a legally verified contract that works perfectly for your case, you will be free to use your own company templates. Just upload the template and start hiring!

What could happen if I´m not being legally compliant with my freelancers or remote workers?

When you hire contractors and do not verify their documentation, you are running unnecessary legal risks that could jeopardize your business in the future. It is best to always have everything 100% compliant and properly filed if authorities require it or you have to go through some sort of due diligence process.

What types of contracts does ontop offer?

We have 3 pre designed contracts : Fixed contracts, Pay as you go contracts and Milestone contracts. Also, we offer the option to customize every contract attending all the requirements of our customers.

Who does hire the contractor?

Our client hires the contractor directly, ontop only works as a SaaS intermediating the relationship and automating processes.

Payroll and payments

How does ontop handle my remote team payments?

ontop finds the best payment flow possible for the contractor. We use the intermediary bank that best suits our contractors and clients, or our partner payment services and sub payment agents, always getting the best deal for everyone involved.

What payment methods does ontop use?

We partner up with several payment agents in each country that enable us to move money fast and cost efficiently. Also, we have options available for contractors such as payoneer, paypal and transferwise.

Data, verification and confidentiality

If I cancel my account with ontop , what happens with my information?

If you cancel your account with ontop you will receive an email with a Zip folder that contains your whole data room of information. After 30 days you have confirmed its reception and safe storage, we will delete your information from our system.

How does ontop verify my contractors taxative documents?/ May I have a legal problem if they don't?

Our system is built to identify the basic required documents and their validity, however, we have a human legal team that comes into play if further verification is required.

May I see in the web site all the information of my contractors? / Does everyone have a profile?

Yes. through your Client dashboard you will be able to access each contractor, their contract details, documentation and perform different actions to manage the contract.

HR - Hiring

Can I hire contractors found by my side?

Yes you can, ontop is a SaaS designed for Taxes, legal Onboarding , and Payout. Just in case you need, we also have the ontop Match service for finding the right candidate but it's completely optional.

What if I need to modify a contract?

In your client account you can see the current active contract and perform actions on it such as terminations, amendments of modifications.

Does ontop help me find my candidate?

Although it is not our core business, we are beta testing ontop Match to help companies find candidates to hire faster. We seek on the web all the possible candidates for your role, filter them and automatically send them a test to ask specific questions. You receive 5 candidates with a match probability.


How much does ontop service cost?

29 USD / month + 1% Payment Commission for contract managed on the platform.

How much are the wire costs?

Depending on which money routing we find most suitable for your case. Costs may vary between 0-45 USD depending on the service chosen and the banks involved in the transaction.

What do I need to sign up as a company?

Nothing. It's completely free. Just sign up now and start setting up your account.

What do I need to sign up as a contractor?

Start by creating your account. You will be asked for basic info and some standard documents. Then wait for your company to send you a contract!

What does BB mean?

BB stands for Border Breakers. It's our own conceived term for this new emerging workforce that includes contractors, freelancers, gigsters and seasonal workers.

For Freelancers

Does ontop help me to find a job?

No. We do not provide job hunting services. We are a tool to get hired properly and get paid easily.

Is ontop a job board?

No. ontop is not a job board.