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Simplify your work and focus on what matters. We'll handle payroll and compliance for your clients with streamlined payments and easy compliant contracts.

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Why partner with Ontop?

Add extra value to your clients

Offer them a global payroll solution and earn perks and rewards on the way.

Transcend local borders

Go international with guaranteed compliance and automated global payments.

Accelerate your growth

Focus on your core business while we help you and your clients achieve global expansion.

How do you want to partner
with Ontop?

Ontop Partner

  • You have clients that need payroll and compliance services for their distributed teams.
  • You handle payroll for your clients and want
    to use Ontop’s best in class platform.
  • You want to help your clients hire, onboard, and pay their contractors all in the same place.
Become a partner

Ontop Affiliate

  • Refer business owners who have distributed teams and could benefit from Ontop's services.
  • Earn amazing commissions by referring companies using a custom affiliate link.
  • Provide your network with an easier way to expand earning benefits on the way.
Ontop - Global hiring and payrolling solution for remote teams.

Pay your global team easily and quickly

Your payments and invoices in one place and just a click away, pay your team anywhere in the world, you take care of your business, we take care of your paychecks.

Some amazing clients who trust Ontop with their global needs

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