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Why Ontop is your best option



User access
Basic features
Saved reports
Global reach
#1 payroll solution for international workers in Latam and emerging economies.
Go beyond payroll
Integrated Payroll & Financial Services.
Transparent Pricing
Streamlined onboarding and dedicated worldwide support tailored to your needs.
Dedicated Support
Pay in multiple currencies and cryptocurrencies, plus receive transfers within 1 business day.
Payment Methods
Shop globally in any currency with our Ontop Card, backed by Visa.
Global Spending with Ontop Card
For both digital & physical card.
Ontop Card Fee
Free Card for both digital & physical card.
$5-$10 fee for both digital & physical card.
Fund Management Flexibility
Retain funds as long as you wish and transfer to 130+ countries.
Withdraw funds in 30 days.
Subscription Plans & Rewards
Up to 15% in cashback + discounts on streaming services, flights, airbnb, food services, transportation services, & more.
Not specified.


What is Ontop payroll pricing model?

Our pricing is structured on a percontractor fee, with a minimum fee in place. Our EOR prices vary by country and other factors. For more information, please consult our experts.


Does the service for contractors or EOR pricing change between countries?

Due to local regulations and certain complexities, our prices may vary by country.


Do you have volume discounts?

We offer volume discounts! We'd be delighted to provide you with a discount on your purchase when you qualify for one. Please don't hesitate to reach out to one of our experts for more details

Don't miss out on potential savings. Contact us to discover your eligibility for special offers.
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