Onboard and pay international employees

With our Employer of Record Service we enable you to onboard new talent faster without having local legal entitites, you pay us from the US with a click and we handle the rest.

hire globally
hire easy
Grow your company

Build a global team with the best international talent

Offer candidates many forms of employment with competitive benefits, all the while complying with local regulations.

Forget about bots, we’ve got one-on-one assistance

Each employee will be assigned a concierge manager to provide them with a unique experience.

ComplianceEverything you need
Cost effective
Scale rapidly
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Save yourself the paperwork

Forget about payroll, tax obligations, and human resources management. We have you covered! We work with experts who handle the entire hiring process for you, saving you both time and money.

Hire EOR in the Americas

With EOR you can be global in seconds.

Onboard full-time employees with us in 15+ countries worldwide.

Why choose Ontop as your EOR

Perks & Benefits

Retain your global employees by offering them the most competitive benefits package in their country while enjoying discounts and perks from the brands they love.

24/7 Customer Support

Forget about bots, we offer you a specialized concierge manager. Get your team onboard in minutes with the support they need whenever they need it!

Payroll  Solutions

Review your team's salaries and pay everyone in their local currency with a click.

Hire in a few days

Hire employees abroad without the need to establish a legal entity in just a few days.

Bullet Proof Contracts

Create  employment contracts compliant with local laws in seconds and protect your business from unnecessary risk.

In-country Compliance

We collect all the tax, permit and compliance documents that you need to ensure your team are set up to work compliantly wherever they live.


At Ontop we don't charge any hidden fees. Hire Top international talent while saving the money and hassle of opening another legal entity.

Employee retention

Employees deserve the best. At Ontop we have exclusive world-class benefits and partnerships that allow us to offer special perks to employees.

100% human support

Get the best experience: Forget about bots and tickets! We provide you individual support.


Onboard and hire new employees in less than 3 days. When it comes to hiring, time is everything. Get ahead of your competitors by onboarding new talent in a fractionof the time.


No need to learn about labor and tax regulation.
Just leave the payroll and hiring processes in the hands of experts.


Creating a broad talent pool is easy and risk-free. Don’t stress about having to create an entity.

Our employment process explained.

1. Onboarding an employee

Give us the new employee’s employment details and salary (wage) information. Depending on the requirements of each country, we can take care of background checks and set up any medical exams.

2. Employee agreement

Ontop provides an agreement that is compliant with local laws.

3. Employee begins

The employee reports to you as usual and is ready to work!

4. Salary payment

The employees are paid in the local currency and receive local benefits.

5. Manage details

Your company gives us the details and/or changes. We provide 100% support to both your organization and full time employees.

Questions? We’ve listed the most frequent ones. Check them out!

What is a (EOR) Employer of Record?
EORs is a service that enables companies to legally work with employees from foreign countries without setting up a legal entity. It is the first step in expanding your business frontiers.
How will employees be onboarded?
Forget about bots, employees will be assigned a concierge to give them one-on-one assistance and take care of their onboarding process, where the employee will provide their personal details and all of the required documentation to sign their new employment contract with Ontop.
How does Ontop handle taxes?
We take into account the laws and regulations of each of the countries we operate in when it comes to taxes, social security contributions, health insurance, unemployment insurance, annual leave, and other mandatory benefits.
In which countries does Ontop support EORs?
We are expanding! Currently, we support our EOR services in all of the Americas.
When to hire an Employer of Record?
If you want to hire an employee in a country where you don’t have a legal entity or if you want to expand into new countries quickly and you don’t have in-house expertise in local employment law to ensure compliance, EOR is your best option.

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