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With Ontop, scaling globally while saving costs is very much possible. We believe in a world without borders, a world where companies can grow their business and workers all over the world can receive and use their money in just a few clicks.
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But why?

Securing the best talent at the best price is a global competition. With Ontop, you’ve won.

Say goodbye to wasting time on spreadsheets!


With Ontop’s automatized platform, you can save around 8h/week

Save your company’s precious money


Outsourcing payroll to Ontop can save your company around $1,000 per employee in a year

No more headaches with Legal and Taxes


Our compliance experts can help you navigate hiring, onboarding, and paying employees in over 150 countries

Curious to see what we do?

Check out one of our cases!

The Company

Zero-Code | Sweden | 11-50 workers

The Problem

Zero-Code’s ambition was to evolve into a global team, but one hurdle stood in their way - managing compliant transfers within the EMEA and APAC regions. They realized the process was time-consuming and would require hiring five distinct accountants to handle five different tax forms, a strategy they deemed unsustainable in the long run.So, how could they ensure compliance and expedite payments? Their solution was to partner with Ontop.

The Solution

Ontop equipped Zero-Code with a seamless payment solution, eliminating delays and headaches. The company relished the automated features provided by the dashboard, and the ability to make payments in Euros, thus simplifying and enhancing the safety of the process.Zero-Code now enjoys a seamless solution for facilitating transfers and maintaining legal compliance with all their documentation.

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