Get paid in USD with the Ontop Global Wallet & Card

Your company doesn’t pay you through Ontop Wallet in USD yet? No worries, submit them to us, and we will get them onboard for you!

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Benefits of our Ontop Wallet

Keep your money in a strong financial jurisdiction: No stable coins, or alt coins, REAL USD in a REAL BANK ACCOUNT.

State-of-the-art SECURITY: Your funds are safe guarded by the Federal Government of the US.

Insane BENEFITS: Travel, Tax Advisory, Concierge Service and crazy cash-backs!

Global Money TRANSFER: Transfer funds to bank accounts, Payoneer, and cryptocurrencies hassle-free.

What's Ontop Wallet?

Our online payment tool where you can have your money instantly, secure and in a strong currency such as USD, you can operate from anywhere, at anytime with cashless and cardless operations. Your money will be secure as you're not saving in crypto, and we work with serious institutions and banks to keep your money safe.

And the best of all? We don't charge you for saving your money or to transfer it to any bank in the world.

Ontop wallet

We don't believe in global barriers,
we break them

Globally Accepted

You can live or travel anywhere and still use your Ontop Visa Card anytime without foreign transactional fees.

Save & spend in USD

Get paid in USD and keep your money safe in a US account designed for the next-generation of workers including non-US residents'.

Exclusive perks

Put your money to work: Get travel perks, concierge service, up to 5% cashaback, tax advisory according to your needs and more insane benefits.