Case Studies

Discover the inspiring stories of our incredible clients and how we have helped revolutionize their hiring, onboarding, payment, and management processes.

Cloudtask and Ontop
Discover how Ontop helped Cloudtask to find competitive talents in this new remote work economy.
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BrightChamps and Ontop
How Ontop helped BrightChamps make international payments cost-efficiently
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Shared Tech and Ontop
How Ontop helped Shared Tech streamline payment processes
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Longevo and Ontop
How Longevo expanded in more than 3 countries without opening a single legal entity.
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Zero-Code and Ontop
How Ontop helped Zero-Code transition to effortless and compliant payments in a week.
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Simetrik and Ontop
Discover how Simetrik is using Ontop Legal compliance, scaling their international teams quickly and effortlessly.
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Deca4 and Ontop
How Ontop helped Deca4 transition from basic banking services to effortless payments in just one platform.
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OLIVER and Ontop
How Ontop helped OLIVER make sure their payroll processes began to flow.
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NFTrade and Ontop
Explore how NFTrade successfully empowered their employees with financial autonomy by implementing cryptocurrency payments.
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Hunty and Ontop
Discover how Hunty expanded through all LATAM and grew their international team.
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Trii and Ontop
See how Trii started hiring people from anywhere, quickly and legally.
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