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Last updated: July 7, 2021

Ontop objective is to make companies life simpler in one single platform. Ontop provides a SaaS platform to help companies accomplish remote hiring and payments to contractors, all the way from contract creation, to compliance documentation and easy money transfers.

Ontop also provides effortless compliance: Document and government forms filed automatically. Less risk, less stress, and more time for your business.

The information that you are going to find in our website, platform or software should in no way be characterized as a legal opinion or legal concept for the purpose of hiring independent contractors, service providers or employees. Ontop is not allowed to offer services within the practice of law.

The information provided on our website is provided to you for marketing and informational purposes only, and in no way constitutes legal or financial advice. Decisions regarding employment or legal strategies should be made with adequate financial, legal or human resources advisors. Ontop makes no representations regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information contained on its website, platform or software. Ontop advises that you consult with legal and financial counsel prior to any use of Ontop’s services, and you hereby acknowledge and agree that you have been provided with adequate opportunity to consult with such counsel.

Ontop hereby disclaims any liability arising from your usage of any of the information contained in our website, platform or software. Ontop is not liable for any losses, damages or claims in any nature whatsoever arising from your use of this website, platform or software. All materials on our website, platform or software, including but not limited to the tools provided there in or in connection therewith, shall be available "As-Is" and with no warranties whatsoever. You shall also hold Ontop harmless from any claims arising from such materials.