Crypto payroll for your workers

While competitors are closing you the doors. With Ontop your workers can easily transfer their money to whatever crypto wallet they prefer and manage and invest their money how they want.

Enable your workers to recibe in Binance, Buenbit, Lemon cash, Coinbase, or any other crypto wallet.

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How we’re changing the game

Crypto withdrawals

Enable your workers to transfer their money to whichever crypto wallet they prefer, seamlessly and compliantly.

Crypto payment methods

In select countries, Ontop facilitates you to pay your payroll through stablecoins.

+150 Countries

Our platform operates in more than 150 countries - operate at global escale with contractor and EOR.
Ontop platform
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51% of Americans believe that digital assets will become a mainstream payment method in the next five years.

And we’re already there.

Ascent Survey,
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Workers like to be paid in digital assets because:

They facilitate cross-border payments.
They have low transaction fees.
They can use money wisely and get more out of it.

Have you thought about providing financial freedom as a benefit for your workers? Unleash their money!

Paying in fiat USD and offering them the option to withdraw it into digital assets is a benefit that can help increase engagement and satisfaction among your workers, especially the tech talent we always aim to satisfy and retain in our companies.


Your workers receive more, while you pay less

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More time for strategic planning!

Outsourcing payroll can save up to 50% of your team’s efforts.

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Spend on what matters!

Your company can save over $1,000 USD per year per workers when trusting another company to manage your payroll.

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Expand globally!

With Ontop, you can hire, onboard, and pay workers in  150 countries!

Ontop Platform

Step into the future of payroll in digital assets!