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The benefits platform for remote teams. The first benefits management platform designed for companies with distributed teams across Latin America and the world.


Key features

Centralize global benefits: Manage and pay global benefits on a single platform for collaborators in Latam and around the world.

Provide a health plan to the team: Offer prepaid and local telemedicine to collaborators in Latam easily and in one place.

Simplify collaborators' accounting: Provide teams in Latam with a platform and accounting advice in their countries so they can focus on what matters.

Send recognitions to teams in Latam: From a single platform, send gift cards and presents to your distributed team and save management time.





Products and services

Flexible benefits: Set a budget per collaborator and let them choose which benefits they want to use.

Corporate benefits: Choose which benefits you want to offer to your collaborators, and Atlas takes care of everything.

Recognition and gifts: Our platform for sending gift cards and presents to your collaborators in Latam.



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