The 5 Fulltime Remote Employee Perks

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5 perks of being a fulltime remote worker

Going remote has been a really popular topic, everyone is talking about it. But most people don't know the steps they should take or how they should proceed to have and enjoy a fully remote life. After Covid hit us hard, as a global pandemic, people began to rethink their life and what were they doing with it. 

Post Covid

Have you realized that now “ before” and “post/after” covid has been a mark stamp in our timeline? Now when people refer to things involving moments or time, they tend to use covid as a parameter. With all the changes and let’s say not a bit conventional things that happened in the last few years, people from this generation realized that it is more than possible to work fully remote. And when we say fully remote, it doesn’t take your responsibilities or deadlines away. So today we gather 5 perks on being a remote worker.

Perk Number#1 - No Transportation

Most people don’t have the privilege to go walking to their work, mostly they have to catch more than 2 transportation, being the metro, bus or train. Do you realize how much time, money and effort it takes to face this journey. 

Working remotely you don’t have to stress about waking up hours earlier just to be on time (or not), at your office. Instead you can take this time to have a relaxing cup of coffee, meditate, play with your children, call your mom and even cook breakfast. 

Perk Number#2 - Increased productivity

Many times when you work in a workspace with other colleagues, they can unintentionally chat with others and reduce your concentration and consequently your productivity. For people to get things done with perfection they need a safe space, where they can concentrate, feel comfortable to have their tasks done and mainly have peace of mind.

Imagine if you work in an open-plan office, the noise level is often high. Colleagues distract you and you notice how your concentration suffers. All of this could be avoided being remote, in your own home office. No one is there to distract you most of the time. You can create the working atmosphere you want and that fits you to be productive. With absolute peace and quiet, your favorite music playing, having sunlight in your face and wind blowing by the window.

Perk Number#3 - Flexible Hours

Flexible hours have been one of the most discussed topics. Because normally regular companies demand you to arrive and leave at a certain hour, right?

But the thing is, some people prefer to start an hour earlier to get more out of the day, others prefer to work into the evening hours or to have an extended lunch break. If there are no appointments or meetings in the way, this can be achieved wonderfully by working fully remote.

This enables you to achieve a great work-life balance, as you are much more flexible than with fixed working hours. Especially for workers with children, the home office offers advantages as they can spend most of their time at home with their loved ones. But don't get mistaken: At the end of the day remember you still have responsibilities and deadlines as well as goals to be better.

Perk Number#4 - Save time and Money

Getting to work normally takes you from 30 minutes to 3 hours, so the faster you get to work the better, right? But what is the point of driving 20 kilometers in the evening traffic or getting the train, metro and bus just to get to the office?

Have you thought that the workers can save not only valuable time on every home office day, depending on how he or she travels to and from work, but also a lot of money. The fewer distances travelled, the lower the costs of mobility by car and public transport. This saves them money.

Perk Number#5 - Work wherever you want to

This generation and we believe that the next also, will want a decentralized kind of work. Where they can achieve their goals but doing it freely, where they want to call home. Home is something that we create in our soul, it's not a physical place anymore. It’s anywhere we feel freedom and alive. Many workers at Ontop and other places, have taken the freedom we encourage them to have, to live life and let it live. Of course that freedom comes with responsibilities. But working where you love sounds so much more pleasant and lighter, don’t you agree?

Bonus Perk: - Gain in Dollars

Working remotely, especially here at Ontop, you will have the opportunity to gain in dollars and keep your money safe in your Ontop Wallet. Having a stronger currency not only keeps you safe from currency oscillations but increases your power of purchase. Only because the usd dollar is the most safe and stable currency.

I hope you enjoyed these 5 perks of having a remote business, and this is only possible to our workers thanks to our Ontop Wallet. Our Virtual Wallet can allow our workers to gain in dollars and to transfer money, shop online from wherever they want to. 

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