Do you often find yourself wishing for an easier way to make payments while working remotely? Do you long for a convenient, secure digital payment experience that puts your mind at ease?

Well, we've got good news — the future of payments is here! We're happy to introduce Ontop Pay, the revolutionary new platform designed to make fast, easy and secure in-person payments.

What is Ontop Pay?

Ontop Pay is a revolutionary mobile payment system designed to enable you to make payments in real time.  All you need is an Android device (iOS users, we hear you! Iphone release coming soon) and the Ontop app to make secure payments, no matter where you are.

The Ontop Pay service also offers complete financial protection — your account is backed by our bank-grade encryption, so your personal information remains always safe.

Ontop Pay makes it easy for you to manage all of your bills, payments and expenses with complete peace of mind.

We know all about the challenges that come with managing payments and expenses while living and working remotely. We're talking about juggling multiple currencies and payment systems ... yes, we know it can get pretty overwhelming, so we decided to create Ontop Pay for you. To take the stress out of payments.

Just imagine how much easier your life could be with Ontop Pay — a safe and secure mobile payment service that makes it simple to handle all your expenses while on the go. Our app allows you to make real-time payments in any currency, anywhere!

Just Tap and Go

Experience contactless payments

Ontop Pay is incredibly easy to use.

All you need to do is download the Ontop app on your Android phone and set up your account. Once you have added all the relevant details, log in to the Ontop App, click on the 'card' tab and head over to 'contactless payments'. Agree to the terms of service and follow the instructions on the screen.

Once you are ready to pay for an in-person transaction,  just open the app,  tap on contactless payments and wave your phone over the POS terminal to complete the purchase. Ontop Pay will automatically deduct the payment from your Ontop balance, and you're good to go!

It's that simple. You're all set to spend worldwide with Ontop Pay!

Travel the World with Ease

Buenos Aires. Mumbai. Berlin. Hong Kong. You are your only limit when it comes to Ontop Pay! 

Managing foreign payments is easier than ever with Ontop Pay — no more worrying about exchange rates, language barriers or currency conversions. Ontop Pay makes payments abroad a breeze!

So go ahead and enjoy the freedom of making real-time payments while traveling around the world. Ontop has your back!

Efficient and Secure Mobile Payments

You’re always protected with every transaction you make with Ontop Pay. Let's dig a bit more into Ontop Pay's safety features.


Tokenization is the process of replacing your real credit card numbers with encrypted codes, this provides an extra layer of protection against hacking, identity theft, and other malicious activities. 

This means that your personal information is always kept safe from malicious actors and that your payment information is secure. 

PIN Code

On top of that, there's an extra layer of security. The PIN number feature. 

Instead of just entering your credit card number, you can also input a unique PIN code that serves as a second line of defense against fraud or unauthorized use. In certain cases, depending on the purchase amount, this feature might be required at checkout.   

The Cashless, Borderless Life is Here

Pay online, pay in person, all with one touch.

At Ontop we are serious about the remote lifestyle. That's why facilitating a borderless and cashless experience is our priority.Ontop Pay is your ideal companion for making international payments securely and conveniently, with just a few taps on your smartphone.

We're proud to be taking the next step in making payments easier and more secure than ever for you — Ontop Pay is our commitment to helping you manage your finances while living abroad!

Pay easily. Pay in person. Anywhere in the world

Another feature that we are excited about is that Ontop Pay offers users the convenience of being able to make payments in US dollars without having to worry about foreign exchange conversions.

With this service, customers will no longer have to worry about conversion rates or incurring additional fees due to international transactions – they simply pay in US dollars! Allowing you to pay in the same currency regardless of where you are located makes transactions more convenient while reducing overall costs associated with online payments.

Ready to Say Goodbye to Cash?

Whether it is a night out at the mall or a weekend getaway, you can ditch bulky wallets now! Ontop Pay makes it easy to pay and manage your money with ease, all while resting assured that your transactions are safe and secure while enjoying all the benefits of a modern digital financial system.

So why wait? download Ontop App on your Android device today and see for yourself why Ontop Pay is the best way to make payments anywhere in the world!

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