Questions you should have answers for legal issues

What would be an ideal hiring experience for you? After the pandemy, I’m sure a lot of questions came to mind to be a chameleon and make changes in your life and business. Especially in terms of work environment.
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Questions you should have answers for legal issues

It is not any news that legal questions are one of the most asked ones. CEOs, HR managers, always have doubts on this theme. They have these questions because of the fear of messing up and having to give up their international dream team. There are qualified workers all over the globe but with quality international people, comes its regulamentations and laws for each country. So many times a company simply doesn't know where to start from. First of all, if you end up messing up on the regulations things can get messy, so you might be looking in the wrong places to manage your hiring and following up process.

Global Changes

So with all the global changes, it is positive that every company and worker had to adapt to the new ideal place of work and how things function. Changes that came with Covid does not mean you have to go over budget or lower the quality of your team. 


What would be an ideal hiring experience for you? After the pandemy, I’m sure a lot of questions  came to mind to be a chameleon and make changes in your life and business. Especially in terms of work environment.

Maybe you are not able to find the right person because things have changed and you have not gone along with it. So let's start with one of the most frequently asked theme and hopefully we’ll help you on your new journey.

After a lot of feedback and talks with our clients, it was possible to gather the most frequently asked questions about “Legal”.

Legal Paperwork

A lot of people question if they need an incorporated company for the country that the freelancer is based in. And actually, that is a good question. With Ontop you don't need any additional incorporation, you can hire anywhere in the world from the country you are initially based at. And also wonder what would or could happen if any company is not being legally compliant with their freelancers or remote workers. 

In this case When you hire contractors and do not verify their documentation, you are running unnecessary legal risks that could jeopardize your business in the future. It is best to always have everything 100% compliant and properly filed if authorities require it or you have to go through some sort of due diligence process. The good part is that in our platform you can check in a click of a button every document from every contractor in order to avoid this.

What types of contracts does Ontop offer?

One of the doubts our clients have the most is what kind of contracts we offer and which one fits them better. We have 3 pre-designed contracts: Fixed contracts, Pay as you go contracts and Milestone contracts. Also, we offer the option to customize every contract attending all the requirements of our customers. But wait, who hires the contractors? Stay calm, we have 2 options. The first one is “YOU HIRE”, that means your company hires the contractor directly and Ontop only works as a SaaS intermediating the relationship and automating processes.

The second one is called “WE HIRE”, which is that Ontop hires the contractor directly. Being very transparent here, the one we use the most and usually better for the companies is the “You hire”. Why? Because it is cheaper and easier for you.

Taxative Documents

All customers ask at one point how to verify the contractors taxative documents or is it possible that I  have a legal problem in case they don’t. That won’t be an issue. Our system is built to identify the basic required documents and their validity, however, we have an expert human legal team that comes into sight if further verification is required.

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