Questions you should have answers for international compliance

Get to know the backstage of Ontops compliance methods and learn how to hire a internacional remote team.
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Questions you should have answers for international compliance

Everynow and then we hear about companies that don’t find qualified enough people in their country or doesnt know where to start from. First of all you might be looking in the wrong places, at the wrong time or even going over budget. 

So we ask you: what would be an ideal hiring experience for you? After Covid hit us worldwide, I’m sure you had to adapt and make changes in your life and business. Especially in terms of work environment.

Maybe you are not able to find the right person because things have changed and you have not gone along with it. So let's start with the most frequently asked theme, and hopefully we’ll help you on your new journey.

After a deep dive into our clients and leads questions it was possible to gather the most frequently asked questions and one of the most asked themes was about “Compliance”.

Compliance at Ontop

Once you are with Ontop, we verify every contractor's documents, like the w9 contractor form, and make a background check in any international sanction lists for any freelancer before making an official contract agreement. 

Therefore ontop does a background check on every contractor using the Office of Foreign Assets Control sanctions list. We also have a partnership with different background check companies such as Truora, working together we make a very complete background check.

How to stay compliant when working with contractors

With ontop you shouldn’t worry about being legally compliant because we have your back since the beginning of the process and we can prove that to you with our 3 main steps. 

1. Ontop has been building a very complete legal library with worldwide regulations for contractors, that ensures that all contracts are aligned with the regulations of each country. It also instructs the contractors in the payment of taxes and all the law requirements in each country, ensuring that the entire process complies with the law.

2. We also have pre-built contracts for more than 150 countries, which are designed to meet any legal and tax requirements of each specific country. In any case, you can upload your personalized contract.

3. We have a compliance database which is being updated in real-time.

And last but not least We have a compliance database that is being updated in real-time and a legal area, providing you with an advisory for any specific case.

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