As the world becomes more interconnected, and remote work takes center stage, it's important to understand the economic forces that impact both businesses and their employees. A significant factor that is often overlooked is the fluctuation in currency values. At Ontop, we've conducted an in-depth analysis to shed light on how currency valuations impact the purchasing power of remote workers, specifically in emerging markets. Our study focuses on the currencies of Peru (PEN), Brazil (BRL), Colombia (COP), and Argentina (ARS) against the U.S. Dollar (USD) since 2013.

Using the 'close' value of the daily exchange rate data from Yahoo Finance, we've tracked how these currencies have fared against the USD over the past decade.

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Currency Devaluation in Emerging Markets

Inflation, economic downturn, and local financial crises have led to significant devaluations of these currencies.

PEN: From being at par with USD in 2013, the Peruvian Sol only has a purchasing power of 0.70 USD in 2023.

BRL: The Brazilian Real has fallen even further, with 1 BRL in 2013 equating to just 0.41 USD in 2023.

COP: The Colombian Peso has seen a similar trend, with 1 COP in 2013 dropping to a purchasing power of 0.40 USD in 2023.

ARS: The Argentine Peso has suffered the most, with 1 ARS in 2013 plummeting to a mere 0.02 USD in 2023.

The Impact on Remote Workers

Such currency devaluations have serious implications for remote workers. While remote work opens up opportunities to work for international companies, being paid in a local currency that is losing value against the USD means that remote workers could be earning less each year in real terms.

Preserving the Value of Compensation

At Ontop, we're addressing this challenge head-on. We provide a solution that enables companies to pay their remote workers in fiat USD. This ensures that the value of their compensation remains stable, irrespective of local currency fluctuations.

Final Thoughts

As the future of work continues to evolve, it's crucial to understand the economic factors that impact both businesses and workers. Currency valuation is a key component of this puzzle, and solutions like Ontop are helping to navigate these complex issues.

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Please note that all currency conversions are approximate and will vary depending on the exact exchange rates at the time of transaction.