Top Record of Employment Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Mistakes can be costly in HR documentation. Join us as we explore common pitfalls in Record of Employment and provide actionable tips to avoid them. Strengthen your HR processes with this guide to error-free documentation.
record of employment mistakes and how to avoid them
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Learn from the mistakes of others in this insightful blog post. We dissect common Record of Employment errors and provide practical tips on how to avoid them. Strengthen your HR processes and ensure seamless documentation.

A Record of Employment (ROE) is an important document that employers are required to provide when an employee leaves their job. It is used by Service Canada to determine an employee's eligibility for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits. Despite its significance, many employers make mistakes when completing and submitting ROEs, leading to delays in processing and potential financial repercussions.

Let's explore some of the top ROE mistakes and how you can avoid them to streamline your HR processes and maintain accurate documentation.

1. Inaccurate or Missing Information

One of the most common mistakes is failing to provide accurate and complete information on the ROE. Ensure that all the employee's personal details, such as their name, Social Insurance Number (SIN), and address, are entered correctly. Double-check for any spelling errors and cross-reference the information with the employee's records to avoid discrepancies.

2. Incorrect Reason for Issuing an ROE

When issuing an ROE, it's crucial to accurately indicate the reason for employment separation. The reason selected determines the employee's eligibility for EI benefits. Choosing the wrong reason can result in delayed or denied benefits. Familiarize yourself with the different codes and consult the Service Canada website to ensure you select the appropriate one.

3. Late Submission

Employers must submit an ROE within five calendar days after the end of the pay period in which the employee's interruption of earnings occurs. Failure to submit the ROE on time can lead to penalties and unnecessary delays in processing the employee's EI claim. Implement processes to ensure timely submission, such as setting reminders or utilizing HR software that automates ROE generation.

4. Failure to Issue ROEs for Short Absences

Employers often overlook issuing ROEs for short-term absences, such as sick leave or vacation. But it's essential to issue an ROE whenever an employee experiences a consecutive seven-day interruption of earnings. This includes periods of illness, disability, maternity or parental leave, or any other eligible leave. Failure to issue an ROE for these situations can lead to complications if the employee later applies for EI benefits.

5. Inadequate Employment History

The employment history section of the ROE provides crucial information about an employee's earnings and insurable hours. Employers must accurately report the start and end dates of each period of employment, the reason for separation, and any earnings paid during that time. Incomplete or inaccurate employment history can result in miscalculated EI benefits and disputes that waste time and resources.

6. Lack of Communication with Employees

Open and effective communication with employees is vital when it comes to ROEs. Ensure that your employees understand the purpose of an ROE and how it affects their entitlement to EI benefits. Inform them of their rights and responsibilities, such as reporting earnings while on EI, and ensure they have access to the necessary resources and support.

7. Failure to Keep Records

Accurate record-keeping is crucial in HR management, especially when it comes to ROEs. Keep a copy of all issued ROEs and supporting documents, such as pay stubs or leave records. This will help you resolve any discrepancies or disputes that may arise in the future and serve as proof of compliance with record-keeping requirements.


Avoiding these common ROE mistakes will help streamline your HR processes, maintain accurate documentation, and ensure a seamless experience for both your employees and Service Canada. By investing time and effort in understanding and implementing best practices for ROEs, you can greatly reduce the chances of errors occurring and save your organization from potential penalties and delays.

Remember, accurate and timely completion of ROEs not only benefits your employees by ensuring they receive the EI benefits they are entitled to but also protects your organization's reputation and demonstrates your commitment to compliance.So take heed of these top ROE mistakes and make them mere shadows of the past. Strengthen your HR processes, avoid these pitfalls, and confidently navigate the world of Record of Employment documentation.

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