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How Ontop helped BrightChamps make international payments cost-efficiently

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About BrightChamps

BrightChamps’ main purpose is to educate kids from all over the world. Their service focuses on finances and technology courses for English speakers while recognizing three specific things the human brain does: it remembers the past, builds connections and creates new ideas for the future.

They have been in the market since July 2020, revolutionizing children’s way of learning and improving their organizing skills, globally, along the way. Their main value is committing 100% of the company's efforts into kid’s education, specifically in terms of finances and technology. All at a global level.


Kids Coding & Mathematical Thinking


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The Challenge

Pain Points

Honor your international teachers’ payroll

BrightChamps is a platform that helps you remember everything. In addition to the intuitive platform, their lovely teachers are the ones responsible for making the magic happen and educating children from all over the world. BrightChamps used to use a different international platform for payments. However, due to geographical issues they weren't able to make payments in Lebanon or Egypt, creating a big obstacle to pay their teachers from these countries. BrightChamps also tried paying through Paypal, but it was too costly.

BrightChamps’ biggest issues were due to international payments for their international teachers and the recurring delays to make the payments to their accounts. The cost and the time spent trying to figure out a solution for payroll was too much. It was hectic and complicated for BrightChamps.

“I would say just sending our payments to our international teachers, on time and through an end-to-end solution, was an amazing find to save time and costs related to the payments. We want to continue using OnTop as an internal tool to be able to payout our expanding team.”

The Ontop Solution

The perfect solution for those who have an expanding, global team.

Ontop helped give BrightChamps a hassle-free payment solution, with no delays and no headaches. Sending international payments on time through an end-to end-solution changed everything for the company.

Finding a method and solution to save time and costs related to the payments was the best thing that could have happened to BrightChamps. This partnership will happily continue, using Ontop as an internal tool to be able to payout their expanding team.

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BrightChamps and Ontop

“You all were the perfect solution at the time. We formed a really good relationship from the beginning.”

BrightChamps Finance Manager
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The Result

BrightChamps no longer has to worry about paying their international teachers on time, helping them to expand and reach the TOP.

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