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Refer Ontop to your company and unlock amazing rewards!

Remote workers deserve the absolute best―this is why we’ve launched our referral program. If you recommend us to your company and they decide to embark on a journey with us, you can earn incredible rewards, including a commission.

For that to happen, it is important that you provide your correct email, phone number, and LinkedIn profile link so we can contact you throughout the process.

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If the company decides to use Ontop

and hire, onboard, and pay at least one worker through our platform you will receive a $250 USD commission in your Ontop Wallet or as an Amazon gift card

Simple as that!

Ontop platform

Benefits of being a remote worker and receiving payments through Ontop.

Competitive Payouts

Pay your team and they will have endless options such as local bank accounts, crypto or third party wallets at incredible rates. Our algorithm identify and show the best option available.

Pay in USD

Pay your team in USD and enable them to hold their dollars without time limits in our Ontop Wallet built in partnership with JP Morgan.

Ontop Card

A card. One purpose: Making your life easier, secure, trustworthy, and reliable. Breaking borders: Globally accepted!

Mobile first

Workers can manage their finances from their mobile phone or desktop, they decide.