Discover how Hunty expanded through all LATAM and grew their international team.

Hunty and Ontop
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February 9, 2024
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About Hunty

Hunty is a Latin company based in Mexico and Colombia. It's an HR tech that is dedicated to fighting unemployment in the region. Its main objective is to drastically reduce the time a person takes to get a job, getting people not only to get employed faster but also gain  more competitive salaries. 

Hunty offers a personalized training program that accompanies workers in the search for the job they want, with an exclusive individual mentoring, where several experts prepare them to face real selection processes.

The Challenge

Pain Points

Opening markets seemed impossible.

When Hunty started to grow they realized that it was very difficult to hire workers outside of Colombia. They wanted to reach the Mexican market and it was very complex to do so.

It was not enough for them just to open a legal entity there, but they had other bureaucratic procedures to solve before they could start operating.

Not only would Hunty waste a lot of time solving all that paperwork, but it would cost them a lot of money as well. 

The Ontop Solution

The easiest onboarding and the most efficient solution

As soon as Hunty and Ontop started working together, they started hiring resources from different parts of Latin America, and finally, we were able to start operating in Mexico, in a super fast process. From the moment Hunty made the decision to work with Ontop until they had the active contracts, it didn't take more than a day.

The workers were super happy with the flexibility of the platform and the variety of options they have to transfer their money. 

Ontop Wallet Mobile

Hunty and Ontop

Ontop was a game changer. They opened markets and hired people who were in regions where we did not have access before

Tomas Blackburn - Head of Finance

Now Hunty has contracts in all LATAM without having to open a single legal entity.


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