OLIVER and Ontop

How Ontop helped OLIVER make sure their payroll processes began to flow.

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About Oliver

OLIVER is a scientifically tested platform that uses a showstopper smart GPS along with a mobile app in order to improve sport performance, discover talent and prevent injuries ⚽ How, you ask? By having all the metrics one might need in the palm of their hand: Ball Strikes, Strike Force, Ball Possession, Heat Map and much more.

OLIVER is not only a platform but a mission. They aim to democratize the soccer experience through technology. They ensure better performance for all of those pursuing their soccer dreams. Whether a player is looking for a career in the field or just wants to have fun, OLIVER has their back. It doesn’t matter where in the world they are. OLIVER is global. With their platform, teams can get to playing all around the world.


Comfortable, easy and assertive: Smart GPS 😎


Talent revolution: Discover and accelerate performance

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The Challenge

Pain Points

Manual Payment Process ⚙️

Oliver began its operations almost 4 years ago. At the beginning they relied on traditional banking systems and paid their contractors one-by-one. It took a lot of time and effort for something that was supposed to be simple. The tipping point for them was the payroll and compliance process. Due to internal legal restructuring, they were eager to seek out better options.

The OLIVER team was never afraid to try a solution like Ontop, but once their first payment went through they were completely on board. They enjoyed seeing how the process developed. The excellent work, transparency and service that Ontop provides was the tipping point for them.

“I would recommend working with Ontop for sure. The whole service and the perks they offer are excellent, especially when they recommend us to other clients.”

The Ontop Solution

There are no boundaries when hiring international talent

Ontop’s onboarding payroll manager significantly simplified the team’s tasks, allowing them to concentrate on mission-critical activities. They gained peace of mind knowing that all payments would be promptly processed.

Oliver can now focus on strategic initiatives rather than payroll and compliance concerns. The time savings have been redirected towards business expansion and ascension to the top.

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OLIVER and Ontop

“The whole service and the perks offered are excellent, I would recommend it for sure”

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The Result

Transformed into expanding and reaching the TOP.

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