Discover how Simetrik is using Ontop Legal compliance, scaling their international teams quickly and effortlessly.

Simetrik and Ontop
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February 9, 2024
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About Simetrik

Simetrik is a tech stack that operates as a data vacuum that extracts, normalizes andruns quality checks as well as  reconciles transactional data. The result is a "detailed single source of truth"​ used for Controlling, Reporting, Business Intelligence and Accounting.

It provides solutions for reconciliation automation and integration of payment methods.

The Challenge

Pain Points

Only one person working outside Colombia.

Before the pandemic, there were very few companies that wanted to work remotely, and very few fully remote. When the pandemic forced everyone to work from home, it opened the doors for companies to hire people anywhere in the world. 

What limited Simetrik wasn’t the budget, but the legal bureaucracy.  At that time Simetrik established in Colombia and also in the US, contracting internationally without compliance or suppliers was almost impossible. 

What led them to work with Ontop was wanting to ensure that they were legally covered to hire remote workers.

The Ontop Solution

Break all borders, and do it safely

Simetrik began to expand its international team very quickly, offering 100% legally covered contracts. Having all the documents in one place was a game changer. 

Ontop’s Compliance solution allowed them to rapidly access to draft contracts through the platform, navigate the legal landscape so their team could work from anywhere and leave the international payments up to Ontop so they could focus on what matters most. 

Ontop Wallet Mobile

Simetrik and Ontop

Account management is the most valuable thing you bring to the table. What you need is a person who responds quickly, not a platform that tells you to click here

Andres Mercado - Head of People

Now Simetrik has 32 active and legally covered contracts.


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