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How Ontop helped ZeroCode transition to effortless and compliant payments in a week.


About ZeroCode

ZeroCode’s main objective is to use their expertise and experience in technological consultancy to help clients build web and mobile applications without writing any lines of code. Their focus is to analyze which new technologies are the best fit in accordance with market priorities and objectives.

ZeroCode supports clients’ businesses by consulting, defining, and applying internal IT systems, customer applications, process automation, data visualization & live monitoring, and legacy modernization. Most importantly, they launch Web3 platforms from a-z. They have been in the market since 2022, targeting specifically WORLDWIDE marketing teams, and digital and creative agencies in major corporations. They focus their energy on medium and large companies that require consultancy services.


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The Challenge

Pain Points

Pain Points

Find a solution to help stay compliant and make payments... Hasslefree. ⚙️

ZeroCode is a software that brings together health care, banking, pharmaceutical, education, and government corporations to launch Web3 websites through in-built work & release management. Their experts in software development are ideally positioned to assist in building Web3 solutions, without them having to write a single line of code.

ZeroCode’s team wanted to become a worldwide team, but they had one thing holding them back. They didn’t know how to make transfers and stay compliant within EMEA and APAC. They knew that this process took too much time and that they would have to hire five different accountants to help them do 5 different tax forms, all of which they considered not to be sustainable in the long run. How could they make sure to stay compliant and make fast payments? They sought out Ontop to solve their problem.

The Ontop Solution

Immediate results upon onboarding

Ontop helped give ZeroCode a hassle-free payment solution, with no delays and no headaches. The company enjoyed the automatization through the dashboard and being able to make payments in euros, as well as making the process safer and easier.

Finding a method and solution to expand their international team was the best thing that could have happened to ZeroCode. This partnership will continue to help ZeroCode to expand globally, using Ontop as an internal tool to be able to payout their expanding international talent.

“Just do it, if a company wants to expand internationally, hire Ontop. They take all the headaches away regarding tax regulations and compliance. They help you complete a process that could take several months in less than one."

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ZeroCode and Ontop

We knew this process was something we needed from the start to be able to hire and pay our international talent on time, and hassle-free.

ZeroCode’s CEO
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The Result

ZeroCode now has a hassle-free solution to help them with transfers and keeping legal compliance with all of their documents.

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