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About Zero-Code

Zero-Code’s primary mission is to leverage their expertise in technology consulting to empower clients to build web and mobile applications using zero-code platforms. Their strategy revolves around analyzing and identifying emerging technologies that align with market trends and business objectives.

As a pioneering force in the zero-code arena, Zero-Code helps businesses thrive by providing consulting services, defining and implementing internal IT systems, customer applications, process automation, data visualization, live monitoring, and legacy modernization. Of particular note, they specialize in launching comprehensive Web3 platforms.

Since their inception in 2022, Zero-Code has catered to a global clientele, specifically targeting marketing teams and digital and creative agencies within major corporations. Their focus remains steadfast on medium to large companies requiring specialized consulting services, positioning them as a go-to partner for businesses on their digital transformation journey.

About Zero-Code

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The challenge: Pain Points

Discover a solution that simplifies compliance and streamlines payments effortlessly.

Zero-Code is a sophisticated software platform that unites sectors such as healthcare, banking, pharmaceuticals, education, and government, enabling them to launch Web3 websites through an integrated work & release management system. Their seasoned software development experts are perfectly equipped to assist in building Web3 solutions without the need to write a single line of code.

Zero-Code’s ambition was to evolve into a global team, but one hurdle stood in their way - managing compliant transfers within the EMEA and APAC regions. They realized the process was time-consuming and would require hiring five distinct accountants to handle five different tax forms, a strategy they deemed unsustainable in the long run. So, how could they ensure compliance and expedite payments? Their solution was to partner with Ontop.

About Immediate results upon onboarding

Instantaneous Results upon Onboarding.

Ontop equipped Zero-Code with a seamless payment solution, eliminating delays and headaches. The company relished the automated features provided by the dashboard, and the ability to make payments in Euros, thus simplifying and enhancing the safety of the process.

Discovering a strategy and solution to broaden their international team was a game-changing moment for Zero-Code. This collaboration will persist in aiding Zero-Code’s global expansion, utilizing Ontop as an internal tool to efficiently payout their burgeoning international talent.

We knew this process was something we needed from the start to be able to hire and pay our international talent on time, and hassle-free.
Zero-Code’s CEO

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