For organizations that prioritize cost-predictability and operational efficiency, Global Seats emerges as the go-to solution.

Global Seats

Save big while expanding globally.

What is Global Seats?

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Ontop Global Seats offers an exclusive annual package, allowing you to reserve seats at a fixed rate in advance.
Fill these seats with either new talent or your existing global employees or contractors. This innovative package empowers you to proactively plan for your workforce expansion.
By securing seats in advance, you're not only ensuring a seamless onboarding experience but it's also your key to flexible and cost-effective workforce planning.
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How to use Global Seats

When you subscribe to Ontop Global Seats, you acquire a number of annual "seats" on our global employment platform, which you can allocate to existing or new global hires for an entire year.
Each team member corresponds to one seat. For instance, if you secure 10 seats, you'll have the capacity to assign 10 team members to these seats. You have the flexibility to move team members in and out of seats at no extra cost.
For example, if a team member currently occupying one of your seats departs, you can replace them with a new hire in the same seat without incurring any additional charges from Ontop.
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Why you should use Global Seats

Unlimited payments per seat. (Contractors or Employees).

Ability to turn on and off contracts with the same seat.

Replacing talent without the need to hire new seats, paperwork, and avoiding time expenditure.

Flexible, if you need more seats, just talk with us.

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When to use Global Seats

Ontop Global Seats is the perfect fit for:

Enterprises with a roaster of 5 or more dedicated full-time team members sourced through Ontop.

Companies projecting a steady increase in their global workforce, exceeding the 5-member mark.

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Ontop Global Seats is the ideal choice for you if:

You seek flexible scaling, allowing you to utilize your seat allocation for new hires, backfills, or current team members.
You prioritize cost predictability and cost-effectiveness, ensuring a stable expense when expanding.
You aim to level-up your workforce, hiring more senior talent without incurring any additional costs.
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How much does Ontop Global Seats cost?
Ontop global seats offers a cost advantage compared to our month-to-month rates. When you commit to purchasing an specific number of seats for an entire year, you'll enjoy discounted, fixed rates. The exact cost of Ontop Scale varies depending on the number and location of Team Members you plan to hire through Ontop. For pricing details, please talk to our sales team.
Are Global Seats reusable?
You have the flexibility to reassign seats at no additional charge. For example, if a team member resigns or is terminated, and their seat becomes available, you can assign a new hire to that same seat without incurring extra fees with Ontop.
What are the payment terms for Ontop Global Seats?
Payment is made upfront for the entire year (12 months since the first month). Once you've received, reviewed, and accepted your proposal, you'll receive an invoice for the full annual seats amount. 
Upon receiving your payment, your seats will be activated.
What if I need to hire more workers, but all my seats are occupied?
You can still add more hires even if your seats are fully occupied. However, additional hires will be subject to the standard Ontop fee and will be included in the monthly package.
How do I start with Ontop Global Seats?
To subscribe to global seats and add new and/or existing Team Members to your plan, please get in touch with your account manager or talk to our experts now!
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