Legal Disclaimers ⚠️

Ontop Platform - Tax Disclaimers

Last updated: October 18, 2022

🧮 Providing clarity about tax responsibilities is something that we care a lot about here at Ontop. As a Contractor, you have the freedom and independence to work on your own terms, but those liberties come with duties and responsibilities that you must be aware of. We are committed to making your path as simple and transparent as possible. If you feel that anything in this Disclaimer is unclear or difficult to understand, please email us by email to 📥 We are truly concerned about constantly improving your legal experience and welcome your feedback.

🎼 Note: The definitions used here follow those made in our 💻 Ontop Platform Terms of Service.

General Tax Disclaimers 💂🚖⚠️

1. You are responsible for declaring and paying your own taxes 🖐️💰🚖

As a Contractor, you are solely responsible for all the tax obligations relating to the services you provide, including but not limited to your duty to declare and pay your taxes. We will not deduct, withhold, or pay social security tax, withholding tax or any other taxes on your behalf, whether in connection with the services you provide to Clients on our Platform or otherwise.

2. You may need to transfer or declare funds in your Ontop Wallet ↪️🖐️💵

Through our Platform, you have access to the Ontop Wallet where you can receive payments for the services you provide to Clients. We have fulfilled our obligation as a payment agent and/or contracting party as soon as your compensation or its equivalent in United States Dollars (USD) is credited to your Ontop Wallet balance. Depending on your specific tax residence, you may have the legal obligation to declare the receipt of funds in your Ontop Wallet (1) as soon as it is credited to your balance or (2) at the time of filing your tax returns. You may also be required to transfer funds from your Ontop Wallet to your local bank account by the regulatory authorities in your jurisdiction. We do not accept any responsibility for making tax declarations relating to the Ontop Wallet, and we are not liable for the lack of tax declarations or fines that may arise as a result.