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Ontop Platform - Payment Agent Terms

Last updated: September 6, 2023

Through this Acceptance of Payment Agent Terms (“Acceptance”), Contractors that use the Ontop Platform acknowledge and agree that their compensation from Clients for the provision of services (“Compensation”) will be paid via their authorized payment agent, Ontop Holdings Inc., a Delaware Corporation (the “Payment Agent”). 

All payments made by Clients and disbursed by the Payment Agent to Contractors will be paid through the Ontop Platform and credited to the Ontop Wallet, as provided under the Ontop Platform Terms of Service, which are incorporated in this Acceptance by reference. Any capitalized terms used in this Acceptance will have the meanings set forth in the Ontop Platform Terms of Service.

The respective Compensation will be paid to the Contractors by the Payment Agent or any of its affiliates, as long as they send all necessary information and mandatory documentation requested on the Ontop Platform.

Notwithstanding the above, through this Acceptance, Contractors acknowledge, accept, and agree that neither the Payment Agent nor its affiliates are responsible for any of the payments due from Clients to the respective Contractors or for any exchange rates, taxes, or fees that may be applicable to  transactions from the Ontop Wallet to other payment methods or financial institutions.

Through this Acceptance, Contractors knowingly and voluntarily, of their own free will and without any duress, being fully informed and after due deliberation, accept the terms of this Acceptance and the Ontop Platform Terms of Service.