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management process.

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A new way of making payments, even easier.

More flexible payment management

Add extra payments, modify lists, and choose preferred methods.

No more manual

We simplified payment management, reducing administrative tasks and boosting efficiency.

Dynamic payment

Clear billing control, invoices generated post-payment confirmation.

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How to Pay

from File?

Ideal for when you need to edit the payment amounts for dozens of workers or add extra payments to many people. This is the most flexible option

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How to Pay

from Contracts?

If you pay the same amounts every month with few changes or extra payments this is the best option for you. This will generate a list of payment based on the amounts and dates shown on the worker's contracts. Ideal for consistent payments.

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How to Pay

from Workers?

Ideal for paying just a few workers at a time for example when you need to do an off-cycle payment to just 5 people or do a reimbursement for 3 workers.

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What is Ontop+?

Ontop+ introduces a new interface and a new way of managing payments that promises to significantly reduce friction and elevate your overall experience with our platform. Empowering you with greater control, flexibility, and efficiency in managing your payroll operations.


What’s a Payment Item?

Is a minimal order of a payment, which includes the beneficiary worker, the amount to be paid, the payment date, extra payments and commissions. Payment Items are always generated by your requests, they are not generated in anticipation. That’s why Payment items don’t have fees included, nor represent an invoice.


What can Be Edited in a Payment Item?

You can edit every single aspect of the Payment Item: payment amount, dates and extra payments. No limits around what you need to pay.


What’s a Payment List?

Is a group of Payment Items that are gathered to make a payment. For example, in the bulk process, a Payment List would refer to all the Payment Items listed in the uploaded file, i.e. every row in the file.


What will happen with the invoices?

The payroll invoices will no longer be generated in anticipation, they will now be issued at the end of the process, after the payment item confirmation. You will be able to see these invoices in the same Invoice section as before.


How can I create payments from my contracts?

If you select to pay from your contracts, then we will generate payment Items based on your active contracts configured amounts and payment dates. These will be gathered in a payment list that you can as well edit asper your liking, and then pay it.


How can I create payments from my workers?

If you select to pay from your workers, then we will show you the list of active workers you have in the platform. You can select the workers you want to pay, and then the payment items will be generated accordingly in a list for you to set the payment amount, dates and extra payments if needed.


How can I create payments from a file?

If you select to pay from a file, you have to start by downloading the template file with the list of your active workers and their payment amounts. Every row is a payment item, and you can edit them: amounts, dates and add extra payments. Remember, every row or item corresponds to a payment to be executed.


Can I revert to the old platform after migration?

No, as of March 6th, you will be transitioned into a FlexSeats billing approach and into the Ontop+ platform during April. Reverting to the old platform is not possible.


How is my experience changing?

Your experience is changing in several keyways:
1. No more invoices are generated in advance.
2. Invoices will only be generated after the payment confirmation.
3. You will have the freedom to choose how to pay.
4. No more complications around limits in extra payments and commissions.
5. A new simple payment process with a revamped interface. Overall, these changes are designed to enhance your experience with Ontop+ by providing greater control, flexibility, and efficiency in managing your payments.