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Hire in Latin America?

Ontop is your trusted partner for hiring, onboarding and payment process of remote workers (contractors or full time employees) in any Latin American country.

Build High-Performing Remote Teams for up to 80% Less. Access our exclusive talent pool and network in latam and hire amazing remote talent from Latin America.

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Three Reasons

We Lead in Latin America

We pay workers 5x faster

While workers in LatAm get their money between  15 and 30 days after the month is ended in other platforms, they will get their money between hours and up to 5 days after with us. Ask any remote worker who has already worked with us.

We are Latinxs

We’ve got compliance experts in every country, and 80% of our team is Latinx, so you’re covered with top-notch local know-how!

The workers favorite

Workers will receive their earnings in USD, allowing them the flexibility to select the wallet through which they wish to receive their funds and convert them into cryptocurrency or any preferred currency safeguarding them from currency devaluation. Are you familiar with the currency devaluation trends in Latin American countries? Explore more details here

In conclusion, we excel in Latin America because we are not just faster, but better.

From Mexico to Argentina, hire anywhere in latam:

Latin american remote workers

Our region, Latin America, is one of the most promising regions in the world, boasting high-quality talent in fields such as software development, engineering, design, marketing, law, and many other areas. This is why companies worldwide seek to hire Latin American talent.

We assist companies in managing and paying their Latin American workers from anywhere in the world. Whether you're a U.S. company looking to hire a software developer in Colombia or designers and advertisers in Argentina, we are your solution for hiring, onboarding, managing, and paying them with the best payment options tailored to each country.
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Ontop platform

Help your workers get paid more, while you pay less...

Ontop is #1 Multi-country payroll solution for LATAM and emerging economies. With our suite of global financial services customers can earn up to USD $52,000 from operational burden

Competitive Payouts

Pay your team and they will have endless options such as local bank accounts, crypto or third party wallets at incredible rates. Our algorithm identify and show the best option available.

Pay in USD

Pay your team in USD and enable them to hold their dollars without time limits in our Ontop Wallet built in partnership with JP Morgan.

Ontop Card

A card. One purpose: Making your life easier, secure, trustworthy, and reliable. Breaking borders: Globally accepted!

Mobile first

Workers can manage their finances from their mobile phone or desktop, they decide.

Trusted by the world's fastest-growing companies

"Ontop speeds up how we pay our team, cutting down the time we used to spend making invoices. This gives us more time to make our Marketplace better."

Amir Reiter,
CEO, Cloudtask

Trusted by the world's fastest-growing companies

"Ontop helps me focus on acquiring and retaining our talent at Rappi, instead of spending my time doing paperwork and compliance."

Felipe Villamarin,
Co-founder, Rappi

Trusted by the world's fastest-growing companies

"Payments go through like magic and my contractors are happy because they get all of their money, commission free."

Alejandra Buelvas,
Head of Legal, Ayenda