Why U.S. Companies should be aware of the economy in LatAm

Discover why U.S. companies should pay attention to the LatAm economy. Explore currency devaluations, hiring top talent, and the top 5 countries for international hiring. Streamline payroll management with Ontop. Unlock the potential of the LatAm market.
why us companies should be aware of the economy in latam
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In today's increasingly interconnected and globalized world, it is of utmost importance for U.S. companies to proactively broaden their horizons and actively seek out new markets beyond their domestic borders. One region that presents an abundance of potential growth and expansion opportunities is Latin America (LatAm). This vibrant and dynamic region is teeming with untapped potential waiting to be harnessed.

However, in order to successfully navigate and thrive in this market, it is crucial for U.S. companies to possess a comprehensive understanding of the intricate economic landscape and its multifaceted implications. With that in mind, this informative blog post aims to delve deeper into the topic by highlighting three key reasons why U.S. companies should prioritize gaining a nuanced understanding of the LatAm economy.

Dollar x Local currency devaluations

One of the primary reasons for U.S. companies to keep a close eye on the economy in LatAm is the fluctuation of local currencies against the U.S. dollar. Currency devaluations can significantly impact business operations and profitability. However, these currency fluctuations also present an opportunity for U.S. companies to save costs by establishing a LatAm team. When the local currency devalues against the dollar, it becomes more cost-effective for U.S. companies to hire talent from LatAm countries. By building a LatAm team, U.S. companies can take advantage of the lower labor costs while still accessing a pool of highly skilled professionals. This allows them to reduce production costs, ultimately leading to potential savings and increased competitiveness in the market.

An opportunity to hire LatAm talent

The economy in Latin America (LatAm) presents U.S. companies with an exceptional and unparalleled opportunity to tap into a vast pool of highly skilled and talented professionals. The region boasts a diverse and abundant talent pool across various industries, encompassing fields such as technology, engineering, finance, and many more.

Moreover, with the rapid advancement of remote work and digital connectivity, U.S. companies now have the advantage of easily recruiting, hiring, and collaborating with LatAm talent, regardless of geographical barriers. This strategic move not only grants U.S. companies access to specialized skills and expertise but also offers them cost-effective and efficient solutions to their business needs. By leveraging the immense knowledge and experience of LatAm professionals, U.S. companies can significantly enhance their competitiveness and establish a stronger foothold in the ever-evolving global market.

The top 5 LatAm countries to hire international workers

• Argentina: Argentina has experienced a significant devaluation in its currency, making it more cost-effective for U.S. companies to hire talent from this country. The talent pool in Argentina is vast, with highly skilled professionals eager for opportunities to work for U.S. companies.

• Brazil: Brazil has also faced currency devaluation, creating an advantageous situation for U.S. companies looking to hire talent from this country. The talent pool in Brazil is extensive, offering a diverse range of skilled workers ready to contribute to U.S. companies.

• Colombia: With currency devaluation in Colombia, U.S. companies can take advantage of cost-effective hiring opportunities. The talent pool in Colombia is known for its diversity and expertise, providing U.S. companies with access to skilled professionals in various fields.

• Chile: Currency devaluation in Chile has made it more affordable for U.S. companies to hire talent from this country. The talent pool in Chile is abundant, offering a wide range of skilled workers who are eager to work for U.S. companies.

• Paraguay: Paraguay has experienced significant currency devaluation, creating favorable conditions for U.S. companies to hire talent at competitive rates. The talent pool in Paraguay is filled with skilled professionals who are ready to contribute their expertise to U.S. companies.

How to pay LatAm workers with Ontop

To facilitate seamless payment processes for U.S. companies hiring LatAm workers, platforms like Ontop offer a global payroll management solution. Ontop provides companies with an easy and compliant platform to pay their international workforce. With Ontop, U.S. companies can streamline payroll processes, ensure accurate tax calculations, and comply with local regulations. By leveraging Ontop's services, U.S. companies can focus on their core business activities and leave the complexities of international payroll management to the experts.


As U.S. companies explore opportunities in Latin America, being aware of the economy in the region is essential. Currency devaluations, access to talent, and strategic hiring from specific LatAm countries are all factors that can influence business success. By staying informed and utilizing platforms like Ontop for international payroll management, U.S. companies can navigate the challenges and harness the immense potential of the LatAm market.

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