Every now and then we hear about companies that don’t find qualified enough people in their country or when they find it, the hiring process is very hard. First of all you might be looking in the wrong places, have you thought about that? 

Secondly, have you thought about what people want? After the Covid came unexpectedly, the whole world had to adapt and make changes in their lives. Especially in the work environment.

Maybe you are not able to find the right person because things have changed and you have not gone along with it. 

Remote Work

Now we have a new timeline stamp, have you noticed? When people refer to events or facts they often use “ before” and “post/after” covid. Remote work has increased remarkably. Did you know that 16% of companies globally are fully-remote according to Owl Labs, but at the same time 44% of companies don’t allow remote work. So who is doing better? 

People tend to say they are more productive working at home, approximately 77% of them affirmed when you work remotely, you feel more relaxed to do your tasks, since your boss or team leader is not always supervising what and how you're doing. Sounds like a legit reason, since there is a myth that remote work lowers productivity. 

Anyhow that couldn’t be further from the truth, as we mentioned 77% of people actually get more done when they work from home. Maybe that’s why since 2009, the number of people who work from home has risen by 159%

(Global Workplace Analytics)

Why contract LATAM workers

In Latam people are also looking for remote work, and it seems that this has been a priority for them. After all, who likes to wake up hours earlier, get 2 buses and a train? That is the reality of working presently in most countries from LATAM. Business owners need to open their minds and realize they are the ones losing money. When working remotely you won’t have to pay for transportation, light, water, gas and most importantly, lose your precious time. 

Latam has one the most qualified people out there but their minimum wage normally is pretty low. A will give you some examples that will blow your mind. For example in Brazil, the minimum wage is $231, in Mexico $258, Colombia $226, Argentina $348 and Venezuela with only $28,99. Let’s not forget this is per month. So why not hire super qualified people from LATAM? It’s definitely a win win. How much would it cost to hire a person for instance from Portugal? Approximately 900$, almost triple of latin america’s minimum wage. 

Qualification from LATAM workers

When we say that Ontop has the most qualified professionals we don’t play around. There was a 300% expansion on enrolments in superior courses in Latin America, talking globally, we can say that the number has tripled.  

The reasons are mainly two in this case. One of them has to do with the social economical aspects of the countries in Latam. There has been a process on social growth on education and social distinction or prestige, on the search to go after a superior level of education. 

This "phenomenon" even has a name, called “inflation of academic titles”. Why? Because it seems it makes a lot of a difference from who has a superior education, having an advantage towards others.

The other reason is that in the 90’s there was a huge expansion on high school education, which turned out to consolidate a sanction of laws that established the obligation of going to school in most of Latams countries.  That turned out to be the breaking point of more students finishing high school and looking for a superior education.

Win Win Situation

Working remotely you don’t have to stress about waking up hours earlier just to be on time (or not), at your office. Instead you can take this time to have a relaxing cup of coffee, meditate, play with your children, call your mom and even cook breakfast. 

So it’s a win win situation as the current oscillation of LATAMs currency is unstable and they can get paid in USD dollars though Ontop. 

So why not refer OnTop to your company? We offer no good but the best and more cost effective hiring method, also with a very qualified HR we can make the hiring process as fast as 5 working days, no paperwork for you or stressing about choosing the wrong worker

Make Sure to Save Time and Money

When hiring a global team, you don’t have to worry if they are stuck in traffic or if the train has stopped working. Managing remote teams full time online can save you a lot of time and money, making hours more flexible and making not only you but your worker happy. No more paying high bills for offices or gas. 

The point here is to get the best workers on the market, saving money, lowering the costs of mobility, office rental and much more. That being said we can say that working remotely with the best LATAM crew can bring your company to fly high together. Especially here at Ontop, where your team will have the opportunity to gain in dollars and keep their money safe in their Ontop Wallet. 

Having a stronger currency not only keeps you safe from currency oscillations but increases the chances of the talents you hire to stay in your business. Since their power of purchase will grow and stay more stable, that equals more happiness and less worrying about taking care of their families. Only because the USD dollar is the most safe and stable currency.

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