How to avoid letting your workers slip thru your fingers

Many companies have questions about EOR, so here is one of the biggest benefit: retention. How can that be possible in a natural and fluid way? Stay tooned and read the rest of our blog post, we are sure this question will have great answers!
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Hire full-time workers (EOR) globally without opening a single entity

Hello there! We are so excited to tell you more about our EOR method for global hiring. It’s always good to write about the benefits and perks that come along with a decision you might make. So let’s cut to the chase and talk about the amazing benefits workers can have as a full time employee.

Choosing the Employer of Record (EOR) option for hiring enables your company to legally work with full time workers from foreign countries without setting up legal entities. We believe that this is the first step towards expanding business. The EOR option is ideal for companies that are starting to commit in a market, have a long-term working agreement and that don't have an extensive global expansion budget. With Ontop by your side, your company will be able to pay all workers on time, without opening a legal entity and have the best international talents. 

Ontop is now an internationally renowned company that takes hiring overseas talent to the next level. Hurraaay! Is your company looking to save money? Leave it up to Ontop to take care of you. As you may already know, we don’t believe in barriers. We always aim to find the solution to any problem, with our team of experts working diligently. Reinventing is our thing. No more mainstream hiring processes. Let’s bring out the best talent in the world that fits both your budget and agenda. 

Employee retention

With the EOR option offered to companies, there is a higher chance of keeping international talent. Why, you ask? Because with our partnership, the company is able to offer great perks in addition to competitive compensation. Ontop believes that every employee deserves the best. We provide exclusive, world-class benefits and partnerships that allow companies to offer unique conditions and perks to international employees. Other benefits include: direction, performance review and control of day-to-day operations.

With Ontop, companies are able to fast-track growth in international markets while their workforce is taken care of. All that effort won’t be with bots. We are very proud to announce that employees are assigned a concierge to provide one-on-one assistance and take care of their onboarding process. Employees provide their personal details and all of the required documentation to sign their new employment contract, and Ontop takes care of the rest. Therefore companies can work with an employee overseas or expand into a new market faster than ever before – with no need to open an entity in every country in order to manage their global team.

Hiring Process

Ontop is a platform that may seem complex to understand at first. Put simply, our primary function is to manage remote teams. We aim to build qualified, overseas teams and make their payment processes easy. 

In addition, Ontop allows companies to hire high-quality, full-time workers services, faster. Normal companies usually take weeks or even months to hire local teams. With Ontop companies can work with internationally qualified people from anywhere in the world in only SIX days, depending on the chosen country. 

We are ahead of the competition thanks to all the mistakes and learning throughout the years. Ontop has proudly hired staff from over 150 countries and has more than 90 local experts working for us. Companies save time and money by hiring with us. 

How perks and benefits motivate remote employees

When someone applies for a job, the benefits and perks are always in the back of their mind. These perks are essential not only for accepting the job but also for staying in it. Offering a good paycheck is not enough. Thankfully Ontop provides a variety of extra benefits in different categories so that companies can offer to full time employees when they choose to build a journey together.

Advantages for a worker’s daily life

Ontop offers a handful of benefits and perks. These benefits include just about everything, ranging from food, meals, shopping at supermarkets, transportation, games and apps, to culture,  wellness and education. Now that’s a lot of perks! 

The most valuable asset Ontop offers their workers is health insurance. We have partnered with a global leader in health insurance in order to create four plans especially tailored to the needs of full-time, remote workers. This means coverage not only in their country of residence, but also when traveling overseas. The plans include digital assistance via their Ontop concierge and a center for emotional support. 

Not to mention the discounts on WeWork coworking spaces featuring workspaces with desk and chairs, kitchens with coffee, water, tea, milk, beer and storage space, conference and meeting rooms, reception for your visitors and packages, 24/7 entry and access to more than 800 WeWork spaces around the world. Wondering how to get to work? That’s easy. We also provide discounts on Uber and Lime.

Ontop doesn’t believe in global barriers.
They overcome them.

Hiring full time, global talent might seem daunting. In fact, it can be. Ontop came to revolutionize the bureaucracy as a company that hates wasting time. The company’s secret is to gather experts to hire full-time employees in foreign countries where a company would usually have to open a local entity. 

This takes a lot of time, costs a lot of money and requires companies to have permanent administration in each country. Not to mention the need to consult local benefits, payments, taxes, and legal concepts. In addition, companies can get in trouble if they do not properly comply with local laws. Ontop takes care of the entire local hiring process by maintaining compliance with local laws, payments, and human resources administration. 

Human to Human

Ontop has a crew to manage all the paperwork. Don’t worry about having questions as their service is 24/7. All of our hard work is focused on the client's experience and solutions, with the platform being the least of a company’s worries. Ontop has a team of experts that helps companies to handle the payroll of their respective teams and pay them in their country’s currency. It takes just one click.

Companies have a lot of questions regarding the hiring process and what steps to take. 

With Ontop, companies are able to work with foreign workers way faster than usual. 
Why waste months when we can hire in just days? 

How is that possible? Ontop establishes a legal entity as fast and assertive as possible with no mistakes. What makes them different from other companies is that they offer bulletproof contracts, creating employment contracts compliant with local laws in seconds and protecting any business from unnecessary risk.

Don't stress about in-country compliance. Ontop collects all the tax, permit and compliance documents needed to ensure full-time employees are all set up to work compliantly in any area in the world. 

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