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Get automated payroll and easy compliant contracts for you and your clients with our partner program, let’s build a better future of remote work together.

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But why?

Securing the best talent at the best price is a global competition. With Ontop, you’ve won.

Discover the inspiring stories of our incredible clients

Learn how we have helped revolutionize their hiring, onboarding, payment, and management processes.

Cloudtask and Ontop
How Cloudtask confidently expanded in global markets while staying compliant
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BrightChamps and Ontop
How Ontop helped BrightChamps make international payments cost-efficiently
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Shared Tech and Ontop
How Ontop helped Shared Tech streamline payment processes
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Say goodbye to wasting time on spreadsheets!


With Ontop’s automatized platform, you can save around 8h/week

Save your company’s precious money


Outsourcing payroll to Ontop can save your company around $1,000 per employee in a year

No more headaches with Legal and Taxes


Our compliance experts can help you navigate hiring, onboarding, and paying employees in over 150 countries

Offer your workers
unparalleled global benefits!

And we’re
good for your team, too

We are loved by workers worldwide because we give them the freedom to spend their money whenever and wherever they like.

These are the companies
that believe in our work

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ABInBevRappi LogoFemsaUala logoLaHaus
ABInBevRappi LogoFemsaUala logoLaHaus
Ontop is a leader in Multi-Country Payroll on G2
Ontop is a leader in Multi-Country Payroll on G2
Ontop is a leader in Multi-Country Payroll on G2
Users love Ontop on G2
“What I like best about Ontop is that there are no boundaries when it comes to recruiting and hiring the best talent. This has allowed us to expand and grow as a business rapidly.”
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“Highly recommended for its simplicity, effectiveness, and the immense support it provides in handling cross-border payments..”
“Ontop has been an absolute game-changer for our business. Its remarkably intuitive platform makes managing payroll across multiple countries a breeze.”
“Their customer service is exceptional – always available, with a positive attitude, and a clear understanding of the crucial payroll process.”