Hire remote workers with these contracting models

Hire remote workers with one of these contracting methods: EOR, You Sign, or Ontop Signs. To find the best talent, you must expand the universe. Think globally. The world’s talent is at your disposal.
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With 2023 on the horizon, one of the great lessons of 2022, especially for Human Resources and recruiting, is that to find the best talent, we must expand the universe. The search should no longer be regional, but on the contrary, candidates from all over the world should be considered. 

Believe us. We know it's not as easy as it sounds to understand a country's labor laws, tax compliance and payroll processes. But don’t worry, we are here to help. Let us walk you through your options when it comes to hiring remote workers overseas. 

Time to explore some of your options when hiring international workers:

Option #1: EOR

An EOR or Employer of the record is the fastest way to hire remote workers without opening a local entity or office in the country where the employee is located. The Employer of Record (us) will hire an employee in the new location while handling your payroll security, taxes, contracts, and benefits. So let’s suppose your company finds the best fit for the position in Colombia and decides to move forward with the incorporation through the EOR service– the great plus of this model is that if any regulatory changes occur, you don’t have to worry, because the EOR outsourcing service takes care of all of the necessary updates to ensure compliance. 

Ontop handles the paperwork and payroll, guaranteeing that you will be following the local laws, while quickly hiring the best talent. 

Option #2: Independent contractors

Another alternative that will help you save resources is hiring an independent contractor which is hired to provide a specific service for the company. 

The difference between independent contractors and regular employees is that employees are ruled by labor law, and work under a subordinate relationship to their employer. Contractors, on the other hand, work under civil/commercial law. Hence, they do not have a labor relationship, and because of this, they don't have a previously imposed schedule, must only work by delivering specific results, with their own tools and do not receive a salary. Instead, they receive a fee as compensation for the services rendered by them.  Companies are not entitled to provide them health insurance, compensation insurance, or paid time off. Therefore, hiring independent contractors means having access to a larger pool of talent.

For each customer's needs, Ontop has different contracting alternatives. Get to know them. 

You sign

The You sign contracting model allows you to use your own legal entity to hire and pay your independent contractors through Ontop’s platform. It is a hassle-free process and a great option for businesses. Here’s what you need to know about You sign: 

• Hire in over 150 countries with no legal issues

• The contract process takes less than 5 minutes

• Ontop collects the required legal documentation 

• Pay your international teams in seconds 

Ontop signs

With the Ontop signs contracting model, Ontop takes care of the legal side of things, according to Ontop Service Agreement. We hire independent contractors all around the globe based on customer's needs to provide services directly to you.. Check out this information about the Ontop Signs modality:

• Hire in over 150 countries with no legal issues

• The contract process takes less than 5 minutes

• We take care of collecting contractor’s legally required documents

• Pay an international teams in seconds 

• And, most importantly, we take care of legal responsibilities.

Let us take care of all the legal paperwork, while you make the day-to-day operations happen. 

Book a demo with Ontop

Sometimes you have to see something in order to believe it. If your company is interested in checking out contracting model options and remote payroll solutions, whether that be the EOR contracting method, You Sign, or Ontop Signs, make sure to book a free demo with us. Let us help you guarantee payroll security, direct payments, full disclosure, clear paydates, secure processes and contracts tailored to local labor laws. 

Perks and benefits

No matter the contracting method, Ontop makes sure that everyone involved is enjoying various perks and benefits. We offer 50+ perks to our workers, specialized to each country. Here are just a few of the global perks that everyone can enjoy:

Health Benefits:

• Selia: 10% OFF in packages of 3 sessions

• Bambú: 30% OFF annual subscription

• Famosos:  $10 USD FREE for each video request

Travel Benefits:

• NH Hotels: Discounts from 12% to 20% OFF on flexible rates and an additional 5% discount on promotional rates

• Live Beyond: 10% OFF 


• Polyglota.org: Discounts from 35% to 57% OFF in plans from 3 to 9 months

• Coder House: 10% OFF Coderbeca

• Beek: 20% OFF monthly subscription 

And this is just the beginning. Keep your workers happy with our extensive benefits. 

Choose the best option for your company

Each contracting method has its own advantages, depending on what your company might need. Keep in mind that the EOR contracting method is great when your company wants full-time employees.The You sign option is great for when you plan to use your own legal entity and have a direct relationship with the Independent Contractor, and the Ontop Signs option is perfect for when you want us to take care of all of the legal side and manage the Independent Contractors. No matter the option you choose, we have your back. Here’s to happy hiring! 

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