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Scale your team quickly with our user-friendly payment methods.

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The global payroll solution

When it comes to payroll solutions, we have a variety of options that benefit both your company and your contractor.

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Consolidate payroll processing

We have designed a fast and effective payroll system that streamlines your payment process.

Helping hundreds of founders expand their vision

Ready to expand your business?

We simplify the entire process from beginning to end and offer alternatives that benefit both your company and your contractor.

Onboarding in few clicks

Scale your distributed team quickly and easily with our smart contracts.

Automate payroll

Leave payments up to us and focus on what matter the most for your business.

Full financial control

Help your team achieve financial control with our fintech products.

Stay compliant

We make sure your team follows tax laws so they can work from anywhere.

Easy payments

Pay your contractors immediately through our Ontop Wallet.

No paperwork!

We take care of all your paperwork.


Your contractors can save in dollars with their wallet.


We also offer your contractors a globally accepted Ontop Virtual Visa Card.

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20 Feb, 2022
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08 Feb, 2022
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12 Feb, 2022

Reduce payroll costs

We do not charge any additional fees while paying your remote team. Just choose the available payment method that best suits you and your team.