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Scale your team quickly with our user-friendly payment methods.

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The global payroll solution

When it comes to payroll solutions, we have a variety of options that benefit both, your company and your contractor.

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Consolidate payroll processing

We have designed a fast and effective payroll system that will streamline your payment process.

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We simplify the entire process from beginning to end, and offer alternatives that benefit both, your company and your contractor.

Onboarding in few clicks

Scale your distributed team quickly and easily with our smart contracts.

Automate payroll

Leave payments up to us and focus on what matter the most for your business.

Full financial control

Help your team achieve financial control with our fintech products.

Stay compliant

We make sure your team follows tax laws so they can work from anywhere.

Easy payments

Pay your contractors immediately through our Ontop Wallet

No paperwork!

We take care of all your paperwork


Your contractors can save in dollars on their wallets


We also offer your contractors a globally accepted Ontop Virtual Visa Card.

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Reduce payroll costs

We do not charge any additional fees while paying your remote team. Just choose the payment method that best suits you and your team from those we have available.

We have listed the ones we receive most frequently, Check them out!

What is the interest rate?
In Ontop we charge a fix fee in the first installment and an operational fee in the next installments, and the amount depends on the amount you ask:
How much money can I ask for?
The maximum value is the monthly paycheck  you receive from your company.
How many months do I have to pay?
You can spread the payments up into 6 installments maximum.
How can I pay in advance/cancel the total amount of the loan?
Contact your contractor specialist and ask for the complete payment information.
What happens if my contract ends or I stop receiving my paychecks through Ontop?
You should contact your contractors specialist and inform the situation in order to negotiate next payments.
When can I apply for a loan?
If you are a current contractor with Ontop you have access to this benefit any time you want it!
Is my bank credit score involved in the approval?
No, we don’t measure any traditional finance score, we review your profile and behavior only with Ontop