What it's like to hire people nowadays

Hiring processes have been a game changer. What used to be like a cake recipe with common rules and regulations are pretty much outdated. HR managers were used to have in their mind a certain way the candidate had to portrait them selfs, from the way they talked as the whey they dressed. Now, recruiters are more tolerant, open to conversation, they are willing to break the ice and make the candidate feel comfortable.
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Modern Hiring Process

The hiring process may be tricky, not only for the HR department but, of course, for those being interviewed. Back in the day, interviews were super formal, with men in fancy suits and ties and women in their best posture and formal outfits. The times and norms have changed a lot. Think about your last interviews, were they at all similar to what we just described? Probably not, right? 

Has COVID-19 changed recruitment?

Well, after a lot of research from our team, the answer is “yes” it did! The pandemic has profoundly changed the world of work, particularly recruitment and hiring. There are some changes that are here to stay, and we are here to share them with you. 

Virtual job interviews are the new normal

Nowadays, we unconsciously use Covid as a time stamp. We live in a world marked by “before Covid and after Covid”, before the pandemic not many companies used virtual job interviews. Face-to-face interviews were considered the norm, to the extent that some recruiters would rather reschedule or cancel an interview than do it online.

Talk about things changing fast, huh?
Now, many employers realize that virtual recruitment is not only more efficient, but it’s  the future of business. Online job interviews save time and money, both for the employer and the candidate while allowing for a quick and effective recruitment process.

Zip Codes are overrated

So many companies and businesses are adopting flexible working policies, and less strict working hours, so much so that recruiters are no longer limited by the company’s location. HR now has access to a much wider variety of candidates. This means that whoever is looking to relocate in the market has to compete even more for the same position. On the flipside, it allows recruiters to find the perfect match for the employer. 

The game has changed

Now, companies need to impress job seekers more than ever. As businesses are slowly recovering from the pandemic, they have started recruiting again, which means candidates have more options in their job search. For companies to stand out, they now must actively sell themselves to jobseekers by offering relevant perks for remote employees, compatible benefits such as hybrid work schedules, health and wellness packages, and sick leave policies just to name a few. Remote working is here to stay, and employers can no longer rely on attracting job seekers with a fancy office or a quirky recreation room, instead, they need to show how they will look after their staff - much better, don’t you think?

Perfect Time to Retool Your Hiring Process and Get Creative

One of the most mainstream and unappealing things that we always see in job ads is a typical copy-and-paste job description. Why do that?
The tip we give is: Give the best job description ever, sell your brand/company, and don’t just copy-and-paste. Many might not know, but the job description is a way to start Making Your Pitch To Candidates.

One other good tip to pay close attention to, Stop Relying On Resumes and get to know your candidate better. Get creative instead and don’t ask the same old questions. Ask about their dreams or something that will take the candidate out of their comfort zone and at the same time see how they can manage their emotions and expressions. Show that you care and humanize the process as much as possible.

This is a really good one, and HR departments seem to be using it a lot, and it’s really working. Why should only a good resume define who is better for the position?... analyze their grit, their drive, how they communicate, and soft skills. 

Ontop is a no-barrier hiring company

How do they accomplish so much in so little time and still save companies money?

The thing is they have a lot to offer to their clients and their international talent. Ontop has many Perks & Benefits for retaining global workers by offering them the most competitive benefits package in their home country while enjoying discounts and perks from the brands they know and love. They offer 24/7 Customer Support, and they are not bots; they offer a specialized concierge manager to get the team onboard in minutes with the support they need whenever they need it!

Hiring is as simple as it gets

One of the most amazing accomplishments is that Ontop truly does it all with just one platform. Even all the paperwork, it’s unbelievable, right? Their platform offers global payroll solutions where they review the team's salaries and pay everyone in their local currency with only a click. And what about their hiring process? 

They are able to hire workers abroad in a few days without the need to establish a legal company. Offering bulletproof contracts, creating each employment contract for remote employees compliant with local laws in seconds, and protecting any business from unnecessary risk.

The best part is the in-country contractor compliance solutions, where they collect all the tax, permit, and compliance documents needed to ensure the team is all set up to work legally in any country worldwide. 

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