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Explore how NFTrade successfully empowered their employees with financial autonomy by implementing cryptocurrency payments.

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About NFTrade

NFTrade is the first cross-chain and blockchain-agnostic NFT platform. They offer an aggregator of all NFT marketplaces and host the complete NFT lifecycle, allowing anyone to perfectly create, buy, sell, swap, farm, and leverage NFTs across different blockchains.

It is the first decentralized cross-chain NFT platform, allowing users to unlock the full value of the NFT ecosystem.


All Chains, all NFTs, one platform!


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The Challenge

Pain Points

Bank roadblocks

NFTrade started having issues with paying people in different countries. Some banks suddenly stopped being able to proceed payments to specific ones, and it was something to take into consideration at the moment of hiring international workers. Their team members started not to receive their salaries in time and being aware of all the bank regulations was a very time taking process. 

Also, for NFTrade it was easier to pay salaries in crypto, but not all workers wanted that. They started looking for a service that could allow them to pay in crypto, but that their employees could receive the currency of their preference.

The Ontop Solution

Give workers economical independence

NFTrade decided to try working with Ontop and seeing how it works. Our platform allowed them to pay their international workers with Crypto currency, but also permitted workers to manage their money as they wanted to.

Either transferring in US dollars, Paypal, Payoneer or their own bank account. That independence is what workers valued the most and were searching for. 

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NFTrade and Ontop

With Ontop everything is in one place. I have all the contracts together and I can look back at the data anytime I need.

Anna Savenko - Operations Manager
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The Result

Now NFTrade pays their workers with Crypto.

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