How Ontop helped Deca4 transition from basic banking services to effortless payments in just one platform.

Deca4 and Ontop
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February 9, 2024
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Global advisory and consultancy
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About Deca4

Deca4’s main objective is to use their expertise and experience in global consultancy to help clients identify the best solution and analyze which new technologies are the best fit in accordance with market priorities and objectives. They support clients’ businesses by consulting, defining, and managing the implementation of innovative related solutions.

They have been in the market since 2018, targeting specifically the EMEA market governments and major corporations. They focus their energy on medium and large companies that require consultancy services. Deca4's mission is to deliver exemplary practices that assist clients in the adoption of innovative technologies and methodologies, along with providing expert financial and legal advice.

The Challenge

Pain Points

Pain Points

Discover a solution that ensures compliance and streamlines payments effortlessly. ⚙️

Deca4 is a dynamic platform that unites leaders and innovators to explore how clients can harness the power of blockchain technology in their operations. With their expert team spanning software development, consulting, legal, marketing, education, and business development, they are ideally positioned to tailor a blockchain solution that perfectly meets each client’s unique requirements.

Deca4's ambition was to evolve into a global team, but one obstacle stood in their way - banks’ extensive inquiries during transfers. The process was time-consuming, and payments were frequently held up. So, how could they ensure compliance and expedite payments? Their solution was to partner with Ontop.

The Ontop Solution

Immediate results upon onboarding

Ontop equipped Deca4 with a seamless payment solution, eliminating delays and headaches. The company truly appreciated the benefits, cashback, and compliance Ontop brought to the table, making the process safer and more convenient.

Discovering a strategy to save time and prevent payment hold-ups was a game-changer for Deca4. This collaboration will continue to facilitate Deca4's global expansion, leveraging Ontop as an integral tool to efficiently payout their burgeoning international talent.

“It’s undoubtedly a superior solution for hiring talent worldwide. It significantly streamlines and simplifies the process for us.”

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Deca4 and Ontop

So smooth and great! I can reach people worldwide in different timezones. There’s always people available to help regarding time zones.

Deca4’s Operations Manager

Deca4 has now transcended traditional and routine banking services like wire transfers, positioning itself at the forefront of modern financial solutions.


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