Longevo and Ontop

How Longevo expanded in more than 3 countries without opening a single legal entity.

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About Longevo

Longevo is the first 100% online FITNESS ONE TO ONE platform in Latin America, which helps its customers transform their bodies with a personalized nutritionist and trainer aiming to achieve their health goals and long lasting results.

Longevo is a platform that you can use all around the world. If you live in Latam or not, that's not a problem at all. Their main goal is to make you feel healthier but also to break borders.


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The Challenge

Pain Points

Difficult processes and high costs

Longevo started growing very fast and wanted to expand its business to other markets.  They  identified a huge opportunity in the fitness industry of Venezuela and decided to open a market there. 

As they began to investigate, they became aware of all the bureaucratic processes they had to go through to hire employees in that country. And most importantly, the amount of money it would cost them. 

Also, they wanted to start hiring Full Time employees from Colombia, which also seemed impossible. 

The Ontop Solution

Onboard a new talent, faster and easier than ever before.

Ontop helped Longevo to hire international workers, both full-time employees in Colombia and contractors in Venezuela and Guatemala. Consequently, saving them money that opening a legal entity would cost. They were able to onboard the new talent, faster and easier than ever before. 

They built a global team with the best international talents and forgot about payroll, tax obligations, and human resources management, Ontop has it all covered! 

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Longevo and Ontop

Ontop has been a key business partner for Longevo's exponential growth. Its experience and flexibility with a customer focus have made it easy for our team to have the required resources in time and quality

Andrea Agudelo - Human Resources Manager
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The Result

Now Longevo has scaled its operations in three more countries. (Guatemala, Colombia, and Venezuela).

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