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How Ontop helped Shared Tech streamline payment processes

Shared Tech
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About SharedTech

SharedTech is a company working to build better products all the while adapting to the needs and requirements of their customers. Their main objective is to build better products that are adapted to the requirements and needs of their customers.

They aim to support technical communities around them to become the most entrepreneurial possible when it comes to portals and cloud services. Their virtues and values are Renew, Develop, Interaction and that is precisely what they are making happen with their clients.

Shared Tech

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The Challenge

Pain Points

Streamline your onboarding and payment processes with Ontop

Shared Tech was struggling to hire and pay their global team.

As a company in Saudi Arabia, they couldn't use credit or debit cards to pay contractors online. And some of their contractors didn't have IBANs, making it impossible to pay them.

Ontop solved their problem.

Ontop provided Shared Tech with a global payroll solution that made it easy to pay their team, regardless of their location. With Ontop, Shared Tech can now focus on growing their business, knowing that their payroll is taken care of.

Contact Ontop today to learn how we can help you streamline your global payroll.

The Ontop Solution

Payment solutions in realtime

Ontop helped Shared Tech streamline their global payroll and improve employee satisfaction. Shared Tech was struggling to pay their global team. They were unable to use credit or debit cards to pay contractors online, and some of their contractors didn’t have IBANs. This made it difficult to pay their team on time and in full.

Ontop provided Shared Tech with a global payroll solution that solved all of their problems. With Ontop, Shared Tech can now pay their team, regardless of their location, easily and on time. This has improved employee satisfaction and has made it easier for Shared Tech to attract and retain top talent.In addition to solving Shared Tech’s payroll problems, Ontop also helped them improve their compliance with local laws and regulations. This has given SharedTech peace of mind, knowing that they are in compliance with the law.

Shared Tech is so pleased with Ontop’s service that they have recommended Ontop to other businesses. According to their CEO “If you are looking for a global payroll solution that will improve employee satisfaction and help you comply with local laws and regulations, then Ontop is the right choice for you”.Contact Ontop today to learn more about how we can help you streamline your global payroll.

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Shared Tech and Ontop

I can say scheduling payments is a tangible benefit. It saves us time. We can approve the payments any time, anywhere (I usually use my mobile). And the finance team can take care of payments when it is convenient for them.

Shared Tech’s Co-founder & CTO
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The Result

Shared Tech has moved all of their remote workers from various freelancer platforms to Ontop

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