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Simply Hit Send

Bank Transfers

Make your money travel to +130 countries by transferring to both your own bank accounts or third-party accounts.

Debit Card Transfers

Transfer to your personal debit cards in less under 10 minutes.

Crypto Transfers

Tired of traditional currencies? Try crypto transfers, where you can receive USDC and USDT transfers in less than 10 minutes.

Payoneer Accounts

Streamline your transfers through payoneer for increased simplicity and speed.

Finance at Your Fingertips

Unlimited Holding Capacity

You’ve got no cap on your savings held at any time.

Permanent Wallet Storage

Your money, your choice. There’s no expiration date on your savings. Keep them for as long as you desire.


No need to stress about maintenance fees, we’ve got you covered.

Safety First

Dynamic Token

Secure your account with our two-factor authentication, keeping your account protected.

Dynamic Token FAQs

What is the Dynamic Token?

The Dynamic Token enhances security with unique, changing 6-digit codes for transactions on the Ontop Web platform, generated by your Ontop App. Link it to just one device for top-notch security.


What should I do if my phone is lost or stolen?

If your phone or device with the Ontop app is lost or stolen, quickly block your token to protect your account. Go to: Ontop Web > Account Settings > Security > Dynamic Token > Block Token. If you still have your phone but are switching devices, block the old token through the app.


I travel a lot. Will I have issues with SMS verification?

The SMS verification is a one-time process required to register your phone number. For future transactions within the app, you can rely on your dynamic token for validation, which doesn't depend on your mobile operator. This means you can securely authenticate transactions anywhere, anytime, without needing SMS access.


What should I do if I don't receive my SMS?

If you're experiencing issues receiving your SMS, please reach out to our support team for assistance.



What currency does the Ontop Wallet use?

Your Ontop Wallet balance, statements, and all financial information are displayed in United States Dollars (USD).


Can I add funds to my Ontop Wallet?

Currently, adding funds to your Ontop Wallet isn't an option, but we're working on making that possible soon. For now, you can quickly receive your paycheck and use various payment methods to send money.


Is it possible to transfer money between Ontop Wallets?

At the moment, transferring money directly between Ontop Wallets isn't available. Your Ontop Wallet is funded exclusively by payments from your employer.


What happens to the money in my wallet?

Rest assured, your funds are safe. They're held by US Regulated Entities, ensuring your money is fully protected under the terms outlined in our Terms of Service (ToS).


Can I withdraw money from my wallet anytime and through any payment method?

Absolutely! You have full control over your payouts, including how much you withdraw, when, and to which accounts.

How to add a payment method

How to withdraw your money


What's the exchange rate for contractor’s whose payments are not in USD?

Exchange rates are detailed in Section 8, clause 8.8 of our ToS. Due to fluctuating rates, the amount credited to your Ontop Wallet and what you receive in local currency may differ. Ontop isn't liable for these variations.


Are transactions with Ontop Wallet regulated?

Yes, indeed! As per Section 8, clause 8.3 of our ToS, all transactions are processed by licensed entities like Stripe Payments Company, banks, or financial institutions under strict regulation and supervision by state or Federal agencies, ensuring your transactions are secure and trustworthy.


This Q&A should in no way be characterized nor considered as legal advice for the purpose of hiring independent contractors, service providers, and/or employees. This Q&A should be considered as an informative summary of Ontop's previous experiences and shall not be interpreted as suggestions and/or advice to its clients and/or third parties. Ontop shall not be responsible or liable for any interpretation of this text by third parties and/or clients. Ontop suggests that a professional opinion must come from each party's own group of lawyers and/or accountants. client expressly accepts and agrees that this Q&A shall not be construed as an opinion or order. Clients shall also hold Ontop harmless from any such claim or dispute in that sense.

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