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October 02. 2023

Product Spotlight:

Unveiling the Magic

Welcome to the latest Product Spotlight. We're thrilled to share with you some exciting updates and enhancements to our product that will truly elevate your experience.
Contract Updates

Contract Workflow Elevation

Revolutionizing the hiring journey! We've cut off slow, inefficient screens in our hiring flow, reducing contract creation time by 20%. Plus, clients can now effortlessly send personalized contract invites to all signing parties, making it a breeze to find contracts. It's all about enhancing the experience for our outstanding workers!

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EOR Invoicing

Paying your EOR invoices just got a whole lot easier. Clients can now pay invoices directly from their Ontop account with just a few clicks.

Wallet & Payouts Updates

Crypto Payouts Revolution

Users can now experience greater quotation transparency in their crypto payouts and receive transactions within a single business day! Fast and secure, that's our promise.

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Euro Transfers Unleashed

Ready to expand our horizons? Euro transfers are now available to Lithuania, Estonia, Malta, Netherlands, and Austria! Workers can instantly view received amounts in euros, enjoy rapid quoting, and experience delivery in just 1 business day.

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Card & Subscriptions Updates

Cashback Celebration for Everyone

Enjoy up to a 5% cashback benefit for workers in all plans on their card purchases, with any purchase, plus up to 15% discounts on streaming services, flights, airbnb, food, transportation services, & more.

It’s time for everyone to enjoy the cashback excitement!

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Counting Your Cashback Wins

Brace yourselves for the thrill of victory! Our Monthly Cashback Counter is your personal scoreboard, tracking your hard-earned cashback with every billing cycle.

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Payments Updates
Rapid U.S. Wire Payments
Prepare Ahead for Payday
Elevate your Payments with Crypto
The New Face Your Contract List

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