Product Spotlight: November Wrap-Up

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December 05. 2023

Product Spotlight:

November Wrap-Up

Welcome to the latest Product Spotlight! We're thrilled to share with you our November updates and product enhancements as we strive to elevate our clients’ and workers’ experience.
Contract Updates
EOR Invoicing

Paying your EOR invoices just got a whole lot easier. Clients can now pay invoices directly from their Ontop account with just a few clicks.

Wallet & Payouts Updates
Card & Subscriptions Updates
Payments Updates
Rapid U.S. Wire Payments

About the feature

We've implemented "Domestic Wires," a new payment method designed for our US-based clients and those transacting from the US. This is the future of seamless, rapid payments.

Why you’ll love it.

Punctual Payments: Get same-day approvals for lightning-fast payments, keeping contractors happy.

Maximized Cash Flow: Boost your liquidity as glitch-free payments flow seamlessly.

Unique Bank Info: Each transaction gets a distinct reference number, simplifying fund tracking.

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Prepare Ahead for Payday

Get to know your new wallet

Client Wallet, our solution for efficient fund management. Clients now have the ability to send money to their Ontop platform without the need to directly pay invoices, allowing storage of funds for future payments. Clients can easily add money through Wire transfers or Stripe payment links and funds are immediately available for use.

How it Works?

1. Add funds to your wallet.

2. Notify your account manager of your transaction.

3. Receive confirmation of added funds.

4. Select workers you would like to pay.

5. Confirm your transaction details.

6. Complete your payment.

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Elevate your Payments with Crypto

Why you’ll love Crypto Payments

November brought a groundbreaking addition to our payment ecosystem: cryptocurrency payments. This leap  in the world of financial transactions represents a significant implementation to our platform, offering our clients an innovative, efficient, and cost-effective way to manage their finances.

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The New Face Your Contract List

What’s new?

Elevate your contract management with the new face of our Contract List, allowing you to navigate a more intuitive and efficient interface.

Benefit from enhanced filter options.

Stay updated with crystal-clear amendment statuses and Get a quick summary of all your active contracts at a glance.

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