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Secure your payroll six months in advance.

We take security seriously.

Meet Ontop's Stronghold Account, the fortress for your money backed in the US by the strongest financial institutions on earth.

We’re committed to ensuring the security and reliability of all financial activities on our platform, so you can focus on growing your business with peace of mind.

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Kudos! The funds arrived to the Stronghold Account.

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You now have a balance of 1,500,000 USD!

Everything In One Place.

Why Ontop to keep your funds safe?

In a very simple, trustworthy and fast way, this new solution allows you ensure your biggest operational expense (workers) via:

​​Secure funds held in J.P Morgan, the most systematically important financial institution (SIFI) by the state Financial Stability Board.

Access to 100% of funds for withdrawal 24/7. Ensuring a liquidity ratio of 1:1.

Pay months in advance. Connect directly to your contracts and pay your payroll with a click.

Any funds are stored in Fiat USD, not USDC or any cryptocurrency.

Secure Your Most Valuable Investment: Your People’s Payroll

Once the payment becomes available, your workers will be able to withdraw 100% of their fees.

Ontop has multiple mirror accounts in USD that enable it to handle large volumes of withdrawal requests without the risk of a bank run.

Your money is never invested. Our liquidity ratio is 1:1.

Secure the most important payment your company does and run payroll hassle free.

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