Navigating remote team management and handling global payroll presents significant challenges in today's dynamic global business landscape. In addressing these complexities, platforms such as Deel and Ontop prove instrumental. Having conducted thorough evaluations of both products, I have acquired insights into how each platform seeks to streamline the intricacies associated with recruiting and overseeing international staff and contractors. Despite sharing overarching objectives, their distinct approaches and features are tailored to meet diverse business requirements.

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Key Takeaways

• Ontop Helps company scaling globally by giving a cost efficient way to hire and pay contractors and employees

• Ontop offers the best prices in the market, without compromising compliance, because while Deel offers different qualities of compliance at additional costs, Ontop always offers the best compliance at all tiers

• While Deel has several tools, most of them are actually HR tools which make the product and pricing complicated to understand, Ontop is focused on solving the hiring onboarding and paying of international workers seamlessly 


• Ontop and deel offers Global payroll and EOR for international companies, making easier to scale globally and find and hire the best talent.

• Ontop makes the process of hire, pay and onboard workers easier and cost-efficient. Available in more than 150 countries and counting, Ontop offers something that no other platform offers: Built-in financial services making it leader in pay-out options and preferred by workers all over the world specially in latin america


Global payroll

Automated payroll

Hire and pay contractors globally

Key Features:

Legal contract templates

Several options: you sign and Ontop signs


Localized payment methods

Interactive tools for hiring globally: employee cost calculator, talent budget calculator, independent contractor agreement generator

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Deel, on the other hand, seems to be more focused on HR management, with less pay out options, and services and benefits more focused to the US market uniquely



Global Payroll

Deel HR


Upon evaluation, it becomes evident that both platforms play a crucial role for businesses adopting remote work. They provide distinct yet complementary services, and grasping these subtleties is essential for choosing the most suitable platform to meet a company's specific needs.

Ontop vs. Deel: Key Feature Comparison

Deel and Ontop distinguish themselves with unique features within the realm of global payroll and compliance platforms. I will elucidate how each platform caters to users in terms of payment processing, contract management, compliance, integrations, and user experience.

Payment Processing

Ontop offers a wide range of pay in options including: 

• International wire transfers

• US Wire transfers


• Credit card

• Crypto

• Local payments

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Ontop also provides payment processing features that facilitate transactions in multiple currencies as well, but with a special emphasis on Latin American currencies, which is facilitated through their partnership with local banks and financial institutions.

Contract Management

Ontop let employers automate contracts and create and sign contracts in (really) 5 minutes, it also offers the option of bulk signing contracts ensuring compliance with local laws. The platform automates the contract creation process and tailors it according to the local jurisdiction of the contractor, which is key for company compliance.

Deel contract management is also good. However, Ontop excels in managing contracts within the Americas, offering optimized solutions for these regions.

Compliance and Taxation

Ontop ensures the highest legal and compliance quality ensuring contracts and payments are aligned with local regulations, and provide real-time automated tax calculations and deductions. They facilitate compliance by handling tax document management and providing insights into each country’s taxation system.

Deel provides a comprehensive service regarding compliance and taxation, ensuring that users meet the statutory requirements of each contractor’s country of residence. I find their automated tax form collection and localized compliance quite thorough.

Integration and API Support

Ontop also features solid integration capabilities, directly integrating various HR and accounting software that robusts their product. Their API allows for the automation of payroll and compliance within existing business systems, making workflow integration straightforward.

As deel is more corporate-focused it is well-known for its API which let employers integrates with other tools.

User Interface and Experience

By being focused and specialized, Ontop platform is simple and powerful. Feedback from users highlights its simplicity and the ease with which they can manage payments and contracts.

Deel vs Ontop: Use Case Scenarios

When deciding between Deel and Ontop for managing the international workforce and payments, understanding the tool that aligns with your specific needs is critical.

Freelancing and Contract Work

For individual freelancers, it has been proved that Ontop works best, actually preferred by most workers Ontop gain tis fame and grow for being the one that helsp workers optimize their compensation with its built-in financial services and benefits workers will gain financial freedom.

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Small to Medium Businesses

Small to medium businesses (SMBs) often seek efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Ontop can be advantageous here with its strong emphasis on automated tools that facilitate smooth remote team management. As an owner of an SMB, I find Ontop's ability to handle real-time payroll and compliance in multiple countries simultaneously a game-changer.

Integration: Ontop seamlessly integrates with existing HR systems, which allows small businesses to adopt it without disrupting their current workflow.

Pricing: It provides a transparent, pay-as-you-go model ideal for businesses watching their bottom line.

Large Enterprises

For large enterprises Ontop has developed:

A large team of customer success specialists that supports big companies in all the process and they are dedicated, maintaining the good experience

An API that let integrate the tools every company need on-the-go that way each large enterprise can create it’s own personalized and customized HR Stack

Deel had been having issues with it customer support, famous for not being reliable. Ontop while focusing on Hiring, Onboarding and Payment is able to provide a more centered support highly qualified and faster support team which is able to communicate with ither teams within the organization and provide solutions faster.

Selecting between Deel and Ontop depends on the specific use case, whether for freelancing, SMBs, or large corporations. Considering the features that align with organizational requirements is essential for making an informed decision.

Deel vs Ontop: Pricing and Plans

Ontop, structures its pricing with transparency and scalability in mind letting clients pay as they go, pay per contract and also providing better pricing for employers committing to a number of contracts and time. 

If the goal of the company is hiring and paying in a cost-efficient way, Ontop is the solution. Providing the best pricing model for startups and large enterprises.

Deel has a more complicated customized pricing model which makes it difficult to understand really what will be the cost at the end per worker.

Here is a simplified breakdown of their pricing models:

Both companies offer custom plans for larger enterprises, and businesses need to contact the companies directly for a quote that caters to their specific needs.

Considering the cost and weighing the services provided with each plan is essential. The right choice depends on the scale of operations and the specific services a company prioritizes for its international workforce management.


While Deel offers a solution, Ontop presents compelling advantages for businesses seeking a comprehensive global payroll platform.

• Comprehensive global capabilities: Ontop empowers businesses to onboard, pay, and manage contractors and full-time employees internationally with legal compliance and support.

• User-friendly interface: Ontop prioritizes a clear and intuitive user interface for streamlined workflow management.

• Payment flexibility: Ontop offers diverse payment options, catering to the needs of international teams.

• Streamlined payroll processing: Ontop simplifies batch payments, saving businesses valuable time.

• Responsive and knowledgeable customer service: Ontop's support team provides prompt responses and demonstrates expertise in international employment law, addressing complex HR inquiries with confidence.

My verdict is, if you want to use the best in market Global payroll platform, go for Ontop. But if you want to have a platform that tries to make all in one you can try deel.

The modern HR landscape favors a customized approach. Building your own HR stack with best-in-class tools for each core function allows you to tailor your system to your company's unique needs. By leveraging leading specialists in each area, you gain unmatched functionality and efficiency.

Gone are the days of cumbersome "all-in-one" solutions that struggle to excel in any specific area. Today's businesses demand a more agile and effective approach to HR management.


Best in class for hiring and paying

High quality compliance at all tiers with no additional cost

Built-in financial services

Better customer support

Preferred by workers